Name that movie thread


Pump Up the Volume 2: Dude, Who Pumped My Volume?


Pump Up the Volume 3: I Know What Volume You Pumped Up Last Summer?



Grenn wrote:


Finally! Lol


I can't believe Kuffs took four pictures! Love that movie.

Robin Hood: Prince of Pumping up Volumes

Robin Hood? (Slater as Will Scarlett)

Get to the Hoppa!

You're up.

If the next picture isn't Christian Slater's naked ass from "Name of the Rose" then I will be very disappoint.

Grenn wrote:


When my brother, sister, and parents, and I watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for the first time, my like 6 year old sister exclaimed "f*ck me he cleared it!" after Slater's line in this pic, probably having never heard the word 'f*ck' before.

It was extremely funny.

Not sure how I feel about the thread's sudden turn into Christian Slater lore/deep cuts.


Untamed Heart

Saw it on a date in middle school.

BINGO! You're up



You only wish

True Romance.

Can't wait to call an end to the C. Slater streak.

edit: I recently rewatched this on Netflix. I was all about this movie back when I was in highschool. Decades later as a grown up, yeah, I can see why this was appealing to me. Does not suprise me in the least the script was penned by Quentin Tarantino. Total highschool nerd wish fulfillment fantasy.

Then end it you shall, but only if you can resist the alluring call of C. Slater.


In her shoes.

Freeplay if correct.

Free play?

Edit: Dammit!


C'mon Garion, waaaaay to eager on the Christian Slater.

Pre-mature Slateration...

Next clue:

The chin!

I have no idea the film

I'm pretty sure that's Very Bad Things.

Mario_Alba got it!
...twas one final Christian Slater film. You guys ruined me!

You're up, Mario!

I remember seeing that on VHS back when it first came out and really enjoying it. I've been wanting to watch it again ever since. In any case, here's mine...


(Sorry, Maclintok. You don't deserve this.)