Name that movie thread

No idea, but the make-up artistry displayed in the paw prints is next level realism.

I am attempting subtlety. Is it working?

That Darn Cat?

garion333 wrote:

What? No more Ozzy cameos?

Here you go:


Two more Aussie Camaros

You're up, Tuff.


Ooh, I know!

"A Miyazaki Movie"!

Nope, I was wrong. I am animeist.

BadKen wrote:

Ooh, I know!

"A Miyazaki Movie"!

Nope, I was wrong. I am animeist.

Well, it's in keeping with the latest thread theme.

Can't believe you posted such a easy one. Gesh!

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki!

Aka Wolf Children.


Not that this one is much harder. If you know it, go ahead and go, I'm going afk till the evening.

I knew Wolf Children, this one I can't place.

I wanna sayyyyy The Cat Returns.

Edit: Internet says I'm right. Looking for an image...


Solid Arthur anime.



The Boy and the Beast

Edit: I know that's right, so I'm moving along...


Yes, you were correct.


iaintgotnopants wrote:


Brave indeed!

No idea why this movie popped into my head:


Oh I know that one! My wife loves it, but I have no idea the name.

I’m at work until 6 so I won’t be able to post another picture until then. But, I’ll leave you with these clues:

- The title sounds like a sh*tty action movie title.

- One of the people in that picture is Don Knotts. The other is a skunk.

Isn’t one of the kids in it from Mary Poppins? Gonna have to cheat to get the title.

Not the I know of. The girl was in the Witch Mountain movies and is apparently Paris Hilton’s aunt. The boy was in Red Dawn, I guess (I don’t remember him from it).

Alright, I’ll try to post one from my phone but this never goes well.


Seriously, no one? You didn't spend your childhood watching two brats and their pet skunk hang out with bank robbers while faking their own kidnapping because their rich grandpa, David Niven, didn't pay enough attention to them?

Not... as such.

I didn't see it until my wife and I were dating. The skunk is adorable. Don't remember much about the movie though. Including the name.

I think I got it! No Deposit No Return!

I saw a ton of Disney movies on "The Wonderful World of Disney" when I was a kid.

I remember watching one Don Knotts movie in particular a several times on the Wonderful World of Disney as a kid. This was not that movie.