Medal of Honor (Modern Era version) revealed


yregprincess wrote:

Can anyone tell me if this is worth picking up cheap to play multiplayer on 360? Does anyone still play this online?

Is it worth it? No.

Despite a long list of good attributes in TDM there's too many people on too small a map (I didn't check out the objective based game modes because if I want objective gamemodes I'll play BF:BC2). Its a real shame that someone somewhere decided 12v12 TDM on 6v6 sized maps would be a good idea because if the had levels such as Oasis or Arica harbour conquest sized maps this could've been a really great game

When I played about a week ago there was about 4,000 people online total which is on a par with the number playing COD4 these days

PlainGreyT wrote:

(I didn't check out the objective based game modes because if I want objective gamemodes I'll play BF:BC2)

This is a shame because these are some amazing maps for an objective based shooter. I'd be in love if i could get BC2 handling on the MoH maps.

I haven't played this in some time, but the objective based maps were a lot of fun. Still a bit cramped map-wise and the snipers could be really frustrating, but good fun. I might try to get on this weekend and let you know how it's rolling.

But if you can get it real cheap, give it a whirl. I enjoyed the single player campaign, despite technical difficulties. The was just a lot of promise in the game not realized.

£20 used and £25 new.

It looks like there is a code with new copies of the game for some 'bonus' MP maps so it looks like it would have to be new. I understand why but this still bugs me.

Doesn't sound cheap enough yet.

You might want to check out the game's message boards as well. Great source of info from folks who are actively playing it.

Played a bit of MP on this now that everyone else has fled.

This game loves snipers. In every game at least the top two scorers on both teams are snipes with 30:2 K:D nearly always and 40:2 commonplace. My experience is that the games are snipers harvesting kills until the kill streaks start rolling in and then something explosive falls out of the sky every two minutes. If you are on the losing side this is just painful.

The extremity of this is regularly getting sniped on spawn. This happened to me twice in a row without moving more than a yard. This is exagerated with some really narrow pinch points on many of the maps. I have zero patience for sniping but sometimes there is nothing else to do when you are defending.

All that moaning about sniping aside this is a good MP game. I'd describe it as BFBC2 lite.

In Battlefield 3 I hope Dice can do something about getting stuck on anything bigger than a matchstick and that include the tank.