Get Star Wars: KotOR (Steam vers.) High-res & Widescreen

Alot of goodjers picked up the game on Steam last Friday on the cheap, but changing resolutions to modern computers has been a pain in the neck. I still can't get it going on the Vista laptop, but its working fine in 1920 x 1080 on Win XP. Here's how, taken from widescreen gaming forum:

1) Download and extract fdx-sk13.rar by Fairlight from this site to the main game directory, to replace swkotor.exe, from this site: of the Old Republic v1.03 [ENGLISH] Fixed EXE (You may have to quote me to see the entire address, I dunno)

2) Download and run as it says to do on the wsgf site.

3) Install the HUD correction for your new resolution.

4) You may need to make a copy of swkotor.exe and run the game from that to prevent Steam from "fixing" the file.

Thats all. It looks a helluva lot better now.

Running Man wrote:

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My money's on "Posting from a phone", with "Posting drunk" a close second.
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Even by following the instruction, my HUD is showing up in the middle of my screen. I don't understand what I am doing wrong.

You unzipped the HUD correction to the Override folder? After that I went in game and it let me choose the new resolution.

I patched the game with the utility. Unzipped the HUD files and booted up the game. Am I suppose to change the resolution in game too?

With the utility program you punch in whatever resolution you want, then patch it. Then use the HUD patch, then when you go in game you should be able to change your res under "options".

The option is there in the resolution list but nothing happens after I click it. I hit ok or close and it just stays with whatever is current.

Any luck? I'm all out of ideas.

I followed Running Man's instructions, and everything worked smoothly for me. I just got the Steam version this weekend. I thought I read somewhere that you'd have to launch the game from desktop or somewhere other than Steam since the Fairlight file isn't the Steam encrypted version, but it seems like it launches fine through Steam for me... the game looks much better in WS than in 4:3!

Besides the widescreen and hirez what other mods should I use. Oh and this is 2.50 on steam now.