The New EU President

I was reading an AP article (and can't link due to underscores) that stated in part:

For weeks rumors swirled that the jobs would go to high-profile candidates like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and current Foreign Secretary David Miliband, politicians who could give the EU greater diplomatic clout on issues such as climate change, terrorism and trade.

Instead, European leaders on Thursday chose Ashton and van Rompuy, an unassuming man nicknamed "Rompuy-pumpy" by British tabloids. He is best known for penning Flemish-language haikus, which he publishes on a blog.

I'd like to get some impressions from the non-US goodjers. It seems like everything I've read has mirrored the above quote. Because the EU Pres wasn't a pre-existing political celebrity he's going to be ineffective? Was this just a case of the popular options getting too much push-back from certain members? Was it just easier to push through a candidate no one had any strong feelings on one way or the other?

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