Rugby - A thug's game played by gentlemen

This is a very good write up about the sad passing of a great player. Tom Smith really was one of the first breed of modern props, he will be greatly missed.

mwdowns wrote:

So, what is this from? Like a tournament? What rugby can I watch now?

United Rugby Championship is on at the moment. That's regional teams from South Africa, Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. South Africa went there after dropping out of Super Rugby.

onewild wrote:

I've watched this a million times and I have no idea how this is even possible

Player up in support was in a good spot, carrying player kept his head trusting someone would be there, creating the opportunity. But it was a blind pass that could have gone any way.

A few centimetres and that would get caught by a defender.

Doesn't make it any less fun to watch though.

*edit to add*

There weren't very many defenders up either, so ball carrier either left them in the dust or they fell off when they thought the tackle was inevitable.

Big Euro weekend!

Lyon/Toulon on Friday, and the Irish National Team (er, Leinster) vs Stade Rochelais (aka La Rochelle) on Saturday.

Who you got?