Rugby - A thug's game played by gentlemen

Ireland > Aussies.

I don't know, MrDeVil. I wouldn't count France out just yet. We have a horrible track record of kinda limping along, bringing a "meh" game and then rising to the occasion and beating the All Blacks when no one expected us to (see previous world cups).
And having seen Wales play recently, I'd wait for the final tally. If I've learned anything from watching previous RWCs, it's that it ain't over til it's over.

Oh I'm definitely not counting anyone out. Knock out phase can come down to a lucky bounce and the rub of the green and every team there has earned their place.

More than anything, whoever wins or loses, I just want to see good, fair play and Romain Poite to be nowhere near a whistle.

Indeed so, and that's the beauty of rugby, right?

Incidentally, I saw this on Twitter:

The difference between rugby and most other sports? After being called for a penalty, six-foot-nine, 260-pound, 22-year-old South African forward Lood de Jager said to the referee: “Sorry, sir.”
Bruce wrote:

Are there teams other than Leeds and Wiggan in the Super League? They seem to dominate. Although now I think about it I do remember St Helens in the world challenge finals a couple of times.

In the Super League era (1997) - four teams have won the title Leeds (7) St Helens (6) Bradford (4) and Wigan (3), added to that Warrington (twice) and Hull (once) have both made the Grand Final. So yeah not that spread out but pretty much in line with other sports in this country.

Added to that Huddersfield and Warrington have also finished top of the league to claim the League Leaders Shield.

The cup there has been more variety - although still mainly won by St Helens, Wigan, Bradford, Leeds and Warrington, although Hull and Sheffield have also won it. The finalists are more spread out, Castleford, Huddersfield, Hull KR, Catalan and London all making it.

I mean it's not on a par with the NRL but alright for a game that for around a decade was dominated by just one club.

I think St George still rate as one of the most dominant teams in all sport with 11 premierships in a row. But that was in the '50s and '60s.

I have to agree with never counting France out, they have a habit of playing horribly in the pool and storming out in the knockouts. In fact when Ireland beat France my reaction was something like this. IMAGE(

5 minutes left, 62-13... *weeps softly**

New Zealand - pretty much the only rugby union nation that is entertaining to watch. On a different planet to France tonight.

Damn, South Africa had a much tougher game than I expected. Although they made it harder for themselves by pissing around in the first half. New Zealand though, holy crap.


I feel for my acquaintances of Irish origin, but I'm pretty thrilled at the Argentina win. Vindication, as if any was needed, for their inclusion in the Rugby Championship.

They deserved their win. That was quite a match!!!!

Scotland - the only hope the north has

Wow - Scotland, you came so close and then lose in the most Scottish way possible. Last kick of the game.

Just checked the score for the Aussie scottish game now. That was unbelievably close.


Hah, just saw this on Twitter. Funny little fact.

@jimw1: The only Northern hemisphere side to beat one from the Rugby Championship at this year's RWC? Japan.

And of course there's an egg in his mentions positing that it's debatable that Japan is a Northern hemisphere team.

Haven't watched the match yet, but wow, close call indeed!

So Joubert ran off the pitch at full speed after blowing the final whistle. Wow what a coward.

Wow, that was not the result I expected! I am of course very happy though, Canterbury beating Taranaki in the semi's was great! Oh and the All Blacks winning was pretty cool as well.

So the British media and fans are having a frenzy that Joubert didn't stay on the field to be pelted with bottles and abuse. Nice to see that they are just as graceless on behalf of the Scots as they are for the English.

He ran off after having produced a display of refereeing that was stunning in its monumental incompetence. The guy was ashamed, and so he should be.

That's... very surprising. Although I'll admit that it's not the first controversy I've had wind of regarding Joubert (a lot of French accuse him of "not wanting France to win" in the 2011 final - and there was the 2013 New Zealand - England match too). Still, that's very not rugby-like. I'll have to look at the match on replay, because now I'm curious.
I still haven't told my husband the score, and he's on media blackout. It's killing me to keep him in the dark.

davet010 wrote:

He ran off after having produced a display of refereeing that was stunning in its monumental incompetence. The guy was ashamed, and so he should be.

Yeah, wasn't a good match for him, but that crowd was an embarrassment to rugby, the team and Scotland. I'd be horrified if a South African crowd treated a ref, even Bryce Lawrence or Romain Poite that way. No matter how deserved.

They booed/verbally abused a ref that they thought screwed the underdog/handed the game to the Aussies. That will happen in pretty much any sport. One report of a bottle thrown, which should should be punished with a life time ban.

The guy didn't even bother to wait for his touchjudges, he left them out to dry. I have never seen a ref, no matter how much a crowd is getting on his back, leg it off the field. Speaks volumes about his character and what he thought of his own decision.

Presenting - The Haka 1973 style

Semi Final Day! Semi Final Day!

Smart money has to be on the All Blacks, but anything can happen. Just hoping for a good game without any controversy.

New Zealand's biggest opposition today is themselves, conceding penalty after penalty.


And there we go. AB's class and composure wins out, but they had to work for that.

I must say I am happy with that result, well worth waking up at 3.30am for! Now time to cook up some sausages and baked beans.

onewild wrote:

Presenting - The Haka 1973 style

Yeah, the Haka was a bit weak till Buck came along.

Opps. Double post.

Heh, that 1973 Haka is hilarious. A bunch of skinny white dudes doing the Hokey Cokey.

So the obvious final is the one taking place. Would have been nice to see an SA Argentina final, but the Argies are a threat in the future and it's brilliant.

On a slightly sappy note, I really love the spirit between the Boks and the Kiwis.