Earbuds recommendation

I'd figure i'd post in this rather than a new one. I'm looking for a decent pair of buds/headphones for running. I've been cycling and my V-Moda ones have worked awesome. but decidedly less when running (they keep falling out). I've seen a few pairs that wrap around the ear, but wasn't sure how comfortable they'd be. Any running buds recommendations?

Yeah, the ability of the in-canal earbuds to block out some of the plane engine sound was nice. It meant I didn't have to turn the volume up as much.

I just moved from some JVC in-canal earbuds I picked up a Wal-Mart to the Klipsch Image S4 and have been very impressed. I just flew cross country and I had to have the volume cranked with the JVCs and only had to have it half way up with the Klipsch. They really cut down on ambient noise.

I've been looking for alternatives to the iPod earbuds w/ Mic and Remote. I've been using my iPod Touch all the time for Skype, so the mic is definitely necessary. Anyone use any other solutions, like the Shure microphone/extension cable that allows you to use whatever audio device you want?

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As background, I use earbuds or earphones for my 5x week jogging and tend to profusely sweat. Typically I get low-mid priced earbuds ~$40 and they last anywhere from 3-6 months. I don't think I've ever had a pair that lasted a year or longer without issues. If I knew they'd last, I'd be willing to spring for higher. The only real requirement I have is for earbuds I want earloops and for earphones I want the around the back of the neck connection instead of over the head. Sound quality isn't really all that important to me as long as it's not garbled or all crackly.

So, given that, I'm curious if anybody here has had a decent experience with a set that they would recommend.

I generally prefer earbuds but I have a pair of these bone-conductive headphones for when I need to be aware of my surroundings and they work great.

I don't use the earloop kind so I won't be helpful, on that front, but I also sweat ridiculously and my earbuds are soaking when I take them out. That being said 3-6 months is terrible. I have not had a name brand pair break on me and have been using them for around 5 years. Get something at least IPX6 rated for sweat proof. The last number in the IP rating is for water and the higher the better. I use the Jabra Active series for running and those are IP57 rated.

Go for the Atari Speakerhat and annoy entertain everyone around you with your music while you jog.

I like the powerbeats pro for earbuds with a loop. My first pair lasted nearly 3 years of daily runs before the battery stopped holding a charge on one of them. Controls on both buds, great sound, comfortable.

Only cons: The case is ungainly and charges via lighting adapter.

Just bought a second pair.

Decided to go with Aftershokz bone conducting headphones. Had a bunch of points on my Amazon card so I was able to convince myself they weren’t that expensive. Thanks all for the input.

Please post back what you think of them. I have been looking at some conductive ones lately because I think my Airpods are slowly damaging my hearing, even though I don't think I listen to them very loud.

LeapingGnome wrote:

Please post back what you think of them. I have been looking at some conductive ones lately because I think my Airpods are slowly damaging my hearing, even though I don't think I listen to them very loud.

My initial impressions are they work great for running indoors & outdoors but are not so great to use when I'm mowing the grass. Even though my Ego mower is quieter than a gas powered mower, it's still loud enough to drown out the music. I really only got them for running though, so that's a fairly minor concern for me, ymmv.

That being said, it's really longevity that I'm after. I'm hoping that since they don't actually sit in my ears that they outlast earbuds.

Thanks. With my Ego mower and earbuds I wear some 3M noising blocking ear covers on top that I got from Lowe’s, so I don’t have to turn up the sound loud enough to hear over the mower.

For mowing I use noise cancelling which works good enough. For longetivity it's mostly the IP rating and brand quality. In or out of the ears shouldn't make much of a difference. I have been running 11-15 miles per week rain, heat, or snow for the last 8 years or so. Maybe 5ish years with the Jabra Active series and my first pair is still in use by a friend.

After doing a bunch of pro/con research between wired/wireless in-ear/on-ear/adjacent headphones my spouse and I stumbled over some Open Ear headphones by Oraimo. Currently on sale at Amazon with a coupon. Their gimmick is that they are structured like banded earbuds but actually sit on the ear instead of going in. They arrived yesterday and so far we're pretty impressed with the audio quality. You lose some fidelity but can reasonably listen at medium volume and still have situational awareness. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BKSZ8LF8