Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Catch-All

If an FPS is a sport I need to join a clan.

In looking to step up my FPS game I am seriously looking into joining a clan and getting regular practice time. Is there any clan or clan members who frequent this site? If so I would love to join, commit to practice matches and make time for the squad. I really want to get into that whole team vibe.

Apologies for bailing out unannounced but my mic broke - good games though, hopefully we can play a few more before Black Ops arrives

I bailed as well, had a friend come around, don't know if anyone heard me saying I was leaving as my mic is screwed too. Good games for sure. Gotta love getting those game-winning kills.

Since i guess i'll be pickign this up first on the 360 i'm playing MW2 on there to get my console fingers warmed up till then.

No worries chaps. I'll see you on the Black ops grind.