Any dedicated wet shavers here?


I don't shave my face as often as y'all, but the Leaf is definitely a good deal. I had a double-edge handle from before, but the Leaf's three blades and pivoting head gives me a closer shave for my all my various parts. And the variety pack of 100 double edge blades I bought on Amazon for $10 or so two years ago is still going strong. I just break them in half. Roughly 15 cents to fill up my Leaf vs. however much cartridges are going for nowadays? No brainer!

Paleocon wrote:

Yeah. I can get 400 Shark half blades for about $20 on Amazon. That would last me just over two years of shaving and that includes shaving my dome with a three bladed Leaf.

I would be willing to bet that $20 won't get you through a month with a Mach 3 just on your face.

Actually...the very thing which prevents me from having lush facial hair also means my blades last a long time. I can go for months on a single Mach 3, that's how fine and sparse my facial hair is

Indeed, on a double sided razor blade, I can also last months without having to change them.

I should probably clarify that although my head hair has thinned (heck I'm turning 40 this year) my razors never touch my dome so that probably has a big impact on razor longevity, together with how I can skip shaving for several days at a time without looking too unkempt.