City of Heroes/Villains: El Dia de los Muertos!

The Hallowe'en event is still going, but in honor of the Day of the Dead I wanted to pimp my story-focused Mission Architect arc, Luchadores en Infierno! Its arc ID is 337001. If you have a heroic character on Protector who can play it, send me a PM once you've rated it and I'll make arrangements to get you 1 million Influence by way of saying thanks.

Speaking of Mission Architect, I learned a cheap way to get 1 month and dabble in the occult! GameStop's selling the Architect edition of CoH/CoV for $19.99; if you haven't attached an Architect edition code to your existing account, you can do so once for a free month. Not a good deal, until you figure in that you also get the Magic or (if you must) the Cyborg addon pack, which normally is a $9.95 micro-transaction.