Video Editing/Archiving Software

I bought a new camcorder recently (Canon FS20), and took my first digital movie this morning at my kid's school presentation. I got home, popped out the memory card, popped it into a reader and moved the files over to my computer. The files are movie clips and associated .moi files, which a touch of research has shown me are the information files that the camera is using to store time/date/location etc.

Now if you use the basic software that comes with the camera (Pixela) to actually transfer the files off the camera card it puts them in a library and displays the .moi information. That's a pain in the butt as it requires the camera be plugged into both power and the computer, transfers slowly, and doesn't erase them from the camera itself. If you move them manually, as I did because it's much easier, the software refuses to recognize them and I can't seem to get at the .moi information. This leads to a couple of questions:

1) Is there any Picasa-like software out there for organizing video files? Or is this Pixela thing the best thing to use?

2) Assuming I don't use Pixela to transfer the files themselves, is there any other way to get at the .moi information so I know when the file was recorded, etc.?

3) Finally, any suggestions on some good video editing software that I can use to actually cut sections of the movies, splice them together, add soundtracks and titles, etc.? Pixela seems to do some of the very basics of this, i.e. splicing clips together, but doesn't seem to let you edit within a single clip.

Rather than offering any sort of help, this is more of an "I feel your pain" response regarding the Pixela software. We have a canon HG20 and I cannot for the life of me understand why this software was even included considering it does not work at all (when trying to either transfer files to my computer or burn files to a DVD). Horrible. I will be watching this thread for recommendations of how to edit/burn these .mts files. I found a codec that plays them, just have no idea how to get them on a DVD.