DDO: You CAN mail guild invites, do not need to have a character online!

Very important little tidbit I completely did not know: You CAN mail a guild invite to someone who is not online.

Please, if you still need an invite or are simply "guild curious", leave your name here or send in-game mail to Mothra (or any officer for that matter)

I can't tell anything in the DDO roll call anymore since not all folks want in, and some are on another server, etc...

In keeping with the guild's strict and highly formalized structure, all(ish) players level 8 and over, some players who are on at odd play times, and some randomly chosen other players have been (or will be) given officer status to faciliate the invitation process.

If you would like officer status for the purpose of inviting people and meet one of the carefully designated categories above, say so here and we will attempt to hook you up. Do not ask if you need the status to meet chicks (or dudes [ or dudes and chicks] ) , I can verify that being an online guild officer carries little weight in those departments.

ANY officer can mail an invite by doing the following:

1. Using ye olde keyboard, input "/guild recruitsigil" in the chat line.
2. This will place a "Recruitment Sigil" in your inventory.
3. Spend a considerable amount of time trying to locate said sigil amongst the sea of unsorted and similar icons. (Power Tip: Newly acquired items, loot or otherwise, go in the first open slot in inventory starting with the upper left corner of bag 1, then going across.)
4. Mail sigil to the prospective recruit.

The recipient will then get mail, assume its free turbine points or an auction that sold, realize it's just some sigil from a plat farmer or something and delete it.

Repeat the steps above until they the use sigil and join the guild.

Please note that I have not joined a guild using one of these sigils personally, but I "understand" they are in fact "working".

See you in game and please don't hesitate to join up even if you are by heart a solo player, you never know when you might just need your daily dose of moderate humor, failed double entendre, or insulting elitist commentary about your dex-focused bard/sorc/wizard.



You can move it yourself. Just click edit.

TempestBlayze wrote:

You can move it yourself. Just click edit.


Yes I knew that.

So, anyway...

Oh look it's Mega Man and he's naked!

*runs off*

Can somebody add Ajari Vran on khyber?

What's wrong with a dex based bard!? *quickly deletes his dex based dwarven bard*

I'd like a guild invite for my cleric and since I'm at work I'm going to try to remember the spelling of his name as best I can. Ghorum Goblinsplitter. Dwarven battle-cleric in training.

I am really enjoying this game again! Can the GWJ guild please add Gwyinn Durwold on Khyber? She is currently a level 3 Paladin (and I am using my VIP account). I am interested in trying out multiple other classes but will focus on her for now. Thanks!

Im in. Thanks!

Kehama wrote:

What's wrong with a dex based bard!? *quickly deletes his dex based dwarven bard*

Erm just for clarity, a DEX bard with finesse and warchanter is a crazy good build. Just not with sorc and wizard levels mixed in. Hard to make build jokes in DDO since there are so many decent ones...