360 Headphones

I posted this in, 'The Beatles: Rock Band", but that thread is pretty slow and I'm wanting to get some before COD 5 comes and of course use them in my RB2 and TB:RB etc. (also, I forgot to mention in this post wether the cheaper X30's that are wired are possible. I.e. will have room for them inasmuch that they dont' take up a controller spot, right?).

Greetings. I have a old stereo system (probably not even 5.1) and was thinking of getting some Turtle Beach 360 X31 surround sound headset. Now this is wireless and hooks up with the USB on the backside of the 360,right? So it does not necessitate my stereo system being 5.1 surround sound, correct? And it won't make me run out of spots for connecting 3 wirelss mic's, 2 wireless guitar controllers and a drum set. (which adds up 4 controller slots).
Lastly (I thought I saw a discussion here, but can't find it now. Maybe it was on the XBL forums?), are these good for the price? Any recommendations for as good at less a price? (still cheaper then getting a new sound system). Are they comfortable? (my ears tend to get irritated with most headsets.)



Take the product tour. You have to plug the White and Red audio lines into the little receiver, the receiver is powered by the USB 2.0 port in the Xbox(but no date is transmitted). The headset also has a 2.5mm cable to plug into the controller.

I gotta say, at 100 bucks, you could get a pretty decent 5.1 system from Amazon or Best Buy, and then everyone could enjoy. I grabbed a pretty good Sony home theater in a box for my bedroom, optical and SPDIF in so my TV, PS3, and PC all go into the receiver, and it was about 200 bucks.

I have nothing to add answer-wise, I just want to subscribe to this thread. I'm also thinking about the X31, and am curious what others have to recommend. I'm not so concerned about having surround, but the wired phones I use now when the other half is sleeping means I have to sit on a footstool halfway between the TV and couch. Wireless is the big draw, and the convenience of the 360 mic included.

Also, Ear Force? Reminds me disturbingly too much of this.

As Gravey mentioned, a big thing too is to play while folks are asleep. I watched the product tour and my concern, if I understand it correctly, is that I have to plug it into the controller. That means it's taking up a controller spot. Or can my music wireless mic's still be used with the controller too (piggy back? Hmmm, seem's probably not, but maybe). Again, can I not use the older, corded turtle beach headset? Wireless is nice, but saving half the price if there is not much difference seems worth it (although that comfort aspect they mention seem's a big plus for me).

I have a pair of Astro A40s that I bought specifically due to the "folks are asleep" issue. I wanted a headset that had both voice and audio in one package but didn't care if it was wireless or not. I have it hooked to the 360 with an optical cable and the sound is excellent. I bought the A40 headset and mixamp together

The one issue is that they were (and continue to be) very expensive. I use them on the PC/360/PS3 which helps me justify the price a little more, but there is no getting around the fact that $250 is a lot of money (plus a 20 battery pack in my case which i recommend). The shipping to Canada was also ridiculous, but with all that being said I have really enjoyed this headset

I have the older model: Earforce X3 and think they're great. My only complaint would be that they seem to chew thru the batteries fairly quickly. When the batteries get low, the first thing to go seems to be your mic, so that gets mildly annoying. I've bought some rechargable batteries to try, but have been too lazy to try them yet. They're not 5.1 surround, but are very effective at positional audio and all that.

A neat trick I managed based on my setup was plugging the wireless reciever into the audio out on my TV instead of the xbox - that gets me any audio coming out of my TV, so I can watch TV or game w/out disturbing others.