Video Site Start Up Help

Ello again!

Just a quick request to all of you out here in GWJ land. I know access to such a community is an asset and I was wondering if anyone, everyone, could help me out with something. I am trying to get viewers for the video site..

It is a collection of videos in a blog format that my girlfriend is webmastering / taping / editing / doing everything else for.

I hope its not a problem, but all I ask is that you guys go, watch some videos, post some comments (creative criticism is great!), and in general spread the word. We are getting somewhat discouraged with lack of views and I know promoting it through just our friends is difficult, so I am making a call out to this community to help get some views for these videos.

Its not a "just started" site though it is relatively new. But there are more than a few videos on it, so its not like we put up one blog post and called it a day. I can be seen in some as Marcin (wrote a few, did a few cameos) and even star in my own video about Poland!

Please help.