A New Way to Lose

Can't say I've really seen a team lose like this before. You can skip to 56 seconds in to see how this ends...

Always play to the whistle kids.

I'm pretty sure this is a real-life version of one of those Southwest Airlines "Wanna Get Away?" commercials.

Maybe that kid is the next DeSean Jackson

Ouch. This brings back memories of HS sports. At least in my biggest bonehead moment, we didn't end up losing. I really, really feel for the kid who dropped the ball.

Back in the day, I misread the finish line at the state track meet in the 4x400 relay prelims. I waved the baton in the air and jogged the final 10 meters or so, thinking I had finished and we had made the finals. If I had been passed and the team didn't advance, I'm pretty sure they would have killed me and hid the body.

Hopefully they'll all laugh about it years later and the kid can do something in future games to help folks forgive/forget the gaffe.

My worst play was in a baseball game.

With one out, I was on first. I took off for second with the pitch for a steal, but the batter popped the ball up, I thought. So I turned around and headed back to first, and just kind of pulled up and started walking off the field when the kid tagged me and started laughing. It wasn't a pop-up, but had hit the ground and bounced to the first basemen. I was safe at second until I ran back to be tagged out.

It just ended the inning instead of costing us a game, but I was pretty embarrassed.

This deserves an emphatic "C'mon, man!"

As long as we're all commiserating, mine came in college playing intramural soccer. I'm playing net, and one of my defender, under pressure, rolls a simple backpass to me. I am distracted by a flock of Canadian Geese flying overhead, and it's not until well after the screaming starts that I look down to see the ball rolling (ambling, really) past me and into the net.

We still won, but I heard about that for weeks, including all of the defenders on my team loudly announcing their intentions to pass the ball to me for the rest of the season.


kaostheory wrote:

Maybe that kid is the next DeSean Jackson

You get one of those per lifetime.

But two? You might be the dumbest human being in history.