Recommend me a Laptop!

Hey everyone!

I need some help... My girls laptop died and she has taken over mine, so, I need to find her a new one. Sadly, there are some catches :

Has to be under 650. She can't really afford anything more at the moment.
Fast processor and lots of storage space a must.
Firewire preferrable but not completely necessary.
She is doing lots of video editing, including HD, so RAM should be plentiful.

And worse of all :
She does not want to buy online, it has to be available at a store. We took a trip through Best Buy and the best one I saw out of the bunch was the HP DV4-1435DX. My problem with it is the fan is on the bottom, and I don't want over-heating to be an issue. It has been with every laptop I've ever owned and somehow its not for others, so I'm hoping its my curse, but who knows?

Anyone got any thoughts on laptops, either specific models, the one I mentioned, or even general advice on what she should look for in a video editing laptop.

Thanks a lot.