Games for Windows Live - Connection Issue (Fixed)

I noticed today that I can no longer connect to Games for Windows Live on my desktop PC. Whenever I try to connect, I get "The profile could not be signed in to LIVE. There may be a network problem or the Windows ife ID service may not be available." When I click on "Network Status", it shos the Internet IP Address & UPnP as 'Not Signed In' and the System Link Address is 'Not Active'.

I never had this problem in the roughly 2 years I've using the service on this machine and don't see any reason for the issue. My router settings haven't changed, my internet connection works fine with my laptop/360/PS3 and the desktop that LIVE will not run on.

Any ideas on what might be causing this? Is there a way I can "reboot" my LIVE connection?

Any thoughts on this? It's driving me crazy...

My profile information is all loaded but my status if "offline".

After reading through random forums for over an hour I stumbled upon this blurb:

"In the right corner does it show the correct gamerscore or reputation for your gamertag. If it doesn't, or your downloads say any type of medadata error. Then your computer time is not in sync with internet time. Double click the time. Navigate to the internet time tab & update with If you get a error updatinng it, then check your bios. Edit it for current date/time & try again the update again in windows."

I just synched this (my date and time were way off for some reason) and all is well again. This is one of the last things I would have though to check. Really wish I could have gotten a specific error message that would have pointed me in this direction.

Ooh, ick, glad you found it. What a PITA.

There's an internet time?

Quintin_Stone wrote:

There's an internet time?

You don't wear two watches to keep track?

Apparently the PC has to match whatever time is kept on the interwebz otherwise all is not well with certain apps.

Lots of signon systems are date and time sensitive to different degrees. It's not uncommon for remote authentication schemes to fail if a laptop's clock is off by more than a minute. The session key's encryption uses the current time as a component, and if the two times don't match, the keys aren't right, and the session doesn't connect.

If your time is off by enough (usually a month or two), you might be presented a public key that's not officially valid from your perspective; all the existing public key systems have start and end times for key validity. So if your computer thinks it's next year, a key from this year will at least spit out an error, although you can usually say to accept it anyway.

I'm just putting this here because I didnt want to start another thread. I just want to reiterate what a piece of sh*t this software is. I wanted to play bioshock 2 that i purchased off of steam, and when I logged in, GFWL wanted to do an update. So right now I'm about 10 minutes into this update, which is proceeding slow as molasses. I have a 25gb internet connection, a new core i5 computer with 4gb of RAM. When I'm actually playing bioshock, a couple of cores are maxed out. Doing the UPDATE, all 4 cores are maxed out, all my cooling fans are starting to spin up. Theres no indication as to the progress other than a very slowly filling progress bar. I'll probably have to reboot the whole system once it's done. I should just stay signed off, but I think its the only way the program will get updated (they apparently don't use Steam's incredibly smooth in comparison update system).