The HTPC (Home Theatre PC) Ask-All Thread

Khoram wrote:

Yeah I don't know what to say, but WMC through my XBox, both plain vanilla and with MediaPortal were just unusably, painfully slow. Not sure what the issue is. I'm also using 200Mb powerline ethernet that has no other issues. Anyway, I also had issues recording on the desktop box when playing games, so having a dedicated HTPC eliminates that headache as well so I'm happy.

I'm using the 500Mb powerline adapters. They normally lock from 50-80Mb, which is way more than enough.

One thing that used to be an issue with MC sluggishness was making sure the NIC had "Flow Control" enabled in the driver setting. But I don't think that's so much an issue with Win 7, although I always turn it on out of habit.