ipod touch/iphones - repair your own

I know it voids your warranty, but the glass/digitizer is only 25 off ebay. So for those of you who have broke or cracked their screen, or its no longer touchable dont pay the 250 apple wants you too. If you are concerned about your warranty you can buy the entire glass, digitizer, lcd unit for less that 70 and it will have the seals intact that apple would check for a warranty claim. So just an fyi after reading one guys (now locked thread) about his broken ipod.

oh and for instructions on how to do said repair, you tube tones of videos that detail the process, and apple was kind enough to number all the screws and ribbons in the order you should disassemble it.

Nice! I almost want to toss my iphone to ground to get a new one. Take that STEVE JOBS!