Things to do in: Boston

Well, I'll be driving down to Boston for a 4 days stay or so. I'm not thinking of any gamer meet up because I'm going there with the girlfriend but I would like suggestions. We're not the outdoorsy type so I'm not asking for the best hiking trail. We love arts, history, movies, music, games. So far we have planned to go to the Museum of Natural History* (name may be off, she looked for it) so I have Dinosaurs on the menu. We've also bought tickets for a Bruins pre-season game and a Red Sox game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

If you guys have suggestions that do not require a ton of driving and huge expenses, I'd love to get 'em.

Personally, I'd like to know what's the best pub to go to (with the best food/beer/ambiance), what's the best mom & pop video games store around (in my town we have one with a pseudo museum so I'm definitely thinking decor rather than prices), the best restaurant (again, reasonably priced!), stuff like that. Oh, and just like Quebec has Poutine, Cretons, Pâté Chinois, I'd like to get suggestions for local dishes to try and where's the best place to try it.

I go there almost every year but so far each time I went I didn't really feel like I was seeing the best stuff so I'm waiting for suggestions. We leave friday.

As far as touristy goes -- the science museum and the aquarium are the highlights for me. We still go all the time and I've been going for 35 years. I also highly recommend the gardner museum (no, it has nothing to do with gardening.)

Food: well, Boston is a cosmopolitan city. There are some AMAZING fairly expensive restaurants, but they aren't noticeably Boston, they're just good restaurants. One of my favorites is elephant walk:

I also recommend the Blue Diner (renamed: if you're looking for basic breakfast fare in the heart of the gritty part of the city. I spent many 2AM mornings their sobering up.

The North End has some CLASSICs. I recommend Mike's Pastry ( and Mamma Maria. Avoide Joe Tecce, it's gone down hill.

No help on the mom and pop game store.



I got nothing else

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MFA, ICA, the Gardner Museum for art.

Music, and Food at the Middle East in Central Sq. China town is good, has great dim sum in palces for lunch, pretty cheap. It's also near the Boston commons and Public gardens for the out doors stuff. Also check out the Charles river esplanade for more outdoorsy things. Hardvard sq. is cool to look around, if a bit expensive.

I can't think of a mom and pop videogame place, but theres Kung Fu Video above the diamond district in down town crossing!

Oh, the Freedom trail has all the historical stuff.

People seem to like the ducks boats tour wise. If you see some bleached blond guy flipping duck boats off its prolly me.

Oh , there's a Zoo too, but its a pain to get to.

Find my old friend Dan from college and ask him where he got the corn dogs.