Recommend me a Video Podcast

Looking in the tech section, and the general discourse. Many of us have Zune HDs, Ipod touch or Iphones. The benefit is having video on the go. So share some of your favorite video podcasts. There are also people with HTPCs looking to expand what they can watch.

I mostly stick with Revision3. The fact that all of their shows come in Hi Def versions is great on a HTPC.
Scam School with Brian Brushwood is great
Co-Op, the spiritual successor to the 1Up Show
Diggnation, just a comedic round up of the week's top stories on Digg.
The Totally Rad Show-3 hosts geek out on movies, games, TV, comics. Maybe watch them play some D and D, next week they review Avatar Book III.
Tekzilla is just a tech show, in the vein of Call for Help.

I also like Tiki Bar Tv, but their once monthly show is not updating much. I will also watch some Ask a Ninja when the mood strikes.

A couple of good music ones: KEXP video of the week and All Songs Considered Live Music which posts both video and audio.

A bunch of the TED Talks are available as video podcasts. You can almost never go wrong with those.