EVE: Pacifist Experiment

Yes, there is such a thing as griefing in the game. Asshats are asshats. Period. No, being an asshat is NOT 'the game'. Thanks for playing, there is the door, kthxbye!

Does Eve allow you to be an asshat? Why, yes.

Are you required to be one? Why, no!

This gives you some insight into the corp, Waltz. Obviously, they aren't screening their members well enough. I hope that since this incident happened that the corp has expelled the idiot, and taken up a collection to at least put a bounty on his head and hopefully even hired a merc corp to pod him a few times.

Warhound beat me to it. There is most assuredly griefing in EVE. Just because you cannot be officially penalized for it doesn't mean that you're not a complete jackass doing it just to make others unhappy.

Joining a new corp just to wreak havoc on corpmates at the first opportunity is most assuredly griefing. Unfortunately it's rather common as new corporations form all the time with the same "Hey d00d join my guild" mentality that you see in WoW. The total lack of screening or organization often leads to corp theft and griefing.

That sucks Waltz, but their right, corp theft, wardecing, ect is extremely common in eve (hell its part of what keeps it so fun) so might want to see if you can help your CEO come up with an outline for recruitment guidlines. Things like no trial account, API checks, no alts in other non-alliance corps, ect are some basics.

Limited API checks definitely, plus declaration of all alts. When I joined one of the corps in Executive Outcomes alliance, I had to be sponsored by an existing member, and hang around for an 'interview' with one of the directors whenever one of the 4 was online, as well as send my limited API.

Didn't help me when the directors didn't talk to me for 3 months, nor inform corp members that they were pulling out of a whole sector because they couldn't, or wouldn't defend it, leaving me to wake up in a station full of KIA hostiles deep in 0.0. They really lost any focus the day that BoB was disbanded.

I griefed davet010.

I run (with one of my accounts) a mostly noob corp. I've imposed a rule that if recruits don't sign up on the forum within 3 days of being accepted to the corp, they will be given the boot. Forum registration is tied to their api keys. I then have an automated job that dumps out all the keys every so often and runs checks on isk transfers to other players, flagging any suspicious activity.

Yes, I datamine my member's wallets.

I did wonder whether being abandoned out in deep space was a consequence of who I was sponsored by

I must admit though, that if I found out that my CEO was monitoring my ISK account through my API, I'd quit the corp straight away.

You can check that? Intresting.

I knew the screening was a bit lax, so I had been checking previous corp histories myself. His did look sound

I would love to bounty him but the corp doesn't have much in the way of cash yet.

The corp it's self has only been going a few weeks so we have none of the infrastructure in place in or out of game, part of the reason I am finding it fun is we get to build it from scrtch from the ground up.

To be honest, I don't really see (nor look) at people's wallets. The script that I wrote does it for me. I really am not interested in the wallets, but in what connections people have. Large transfers between characters is one of those. Frequency of transactions with certain groups/characters is another.

Also, my noob corp takes a somewhat communistic approach to assets. While everyone has their own individual wealth, 90% of everything that they will use in our high-income/high-risk operations will be provided for by the corp. Risks and gains are all shared equally with the participating members. It's a pretty open group of people.

Of course, I'd welcome any other ideas for checking suspicious characters.