Global Agenda Catch-all

DigitalFirefly wrote:

This game really needs to group players with people close to their level. I'm constantly getting slaughtered by people 15+ levels higher than me.

I believe there's a check box for that on the Missions screen. Personally, I keep it off. I do fine 1v1; it's 3v1 that's giving me a hard time.

RukiTanuki wrote:
DigitalFirefly wrote:

This game really needs to group players with people close to their level. I'm constantly getting slaughtered by people 15+ levels higher than me.

I believe there's a check box for that on the Missions screen. Personally, I keep it off. I do fine 1v1; it's 3v1 that's giving me a hard time.

I've never seen a check box.

So Gamespot had to retract its review of Global Agenda. The reviewer gave it a 5.5 so GA players tracked down his account and found out the reviewer had only played it for 6 hours.

6 hours?! My god you could barely get one class to level 12-13 in that amount of time. If you are robotics, that means you haven't gotten: sensor, power station, rocket turret, hornet drone, multitarget repair arm, harrier drone, lockdown drone, and the rumblemaster aoe gun.

You may be able to get a couple of classes to 10. Again, not enough time to get a feel and a flow with the class. The more time you spend with a class you learn almost twice as much since you are spending time watching higher levels and enemies play their classes differently.

That being said, do to the nature of pvp, there are times when the game feels like a 5.5. There is nothing more demoralizing than getting rolled over by a team that is more coordinated but not more skilled and getting 400 xp for 10 minutes of frustration. There is also nothing like doing really well but the match ends in a stalemate and for some reason you weren't awarded enough contribution points so you only get 800 xp for 20-25 minutes. GA's pvp reward system needs work. It is far more effective and consistent to level in pve.

There were also a few classes that I have come to appreciate more passed level 12. I'd pretty much had enough of them by level 10 but after going back to them time and again I finally found a style I can be adequate with. If I had struggle with all the classes like I have with the assault, I definitely would not be playing this game still. Fortunately for me, I stayed with it and at level 12 and beyond I am getting much better at it. I actually sort of like it now and I really like spider mines.

Its hard to make mandatory requirements to pass judgment on a game but you aren't doing it justice without them. If you don't play all classes to level 10, you could be missing out on the one class that clicks for you. I had originally looked at the robotics class with interest but wondered if it was to complex and micromanagy. Can you imagine if I had not played this class, the one I gravitated to immediately and leveled up like a rocket with?

If you don't play a couple of the classes to at least 13, you will not understand how the classes start to diversify based on what you're chosen load out is. I strictly played my recon without stealth for many levels because the mechanic seemed odd to me. Then I got my decoy and had a blast with it but I still didn't stealth at all. Then after grouping with devmani and seeing a lot of my team mates stealth effectively, I started to realize the power of it. I used to think it was so reckless and unnecessary. Now, while still reckless, talented recons offset the danger easily, and use it to great advantage.

And at the end of it all, they are finally adding content to make it more a real mmo. The announcement of this new content changed my opinion from,"Conquest sounds nice... no way I'm paying a subscription for this game though." to "I would subscribe for the new open world stuff, and the conquest stuff comes free with it!"

So the 10 moments outweigh the 5.5 moments by a significant factor. And the rating for flaws and missing features settles around 7.5. The shooter aspects are a 9 that can be marred by the one recent moderate nerf to sniper rifles and the need to nerf poison. But I'd put the dev's reputation for balancing at a 9. I think people easily overlook the good tweaks Hirez has made since open beta.

I'd rate it as follows:

Gameplay - 3 10's for every 5.5 with your favorite classes; 3 10's for every 2 5.5's if you spend the time to learn the ropes with a class you struggle with

MMO - as an rpg shooter its a 9; as an mmo its a 7 until the open world content comes

Balancing - 9 for all the subtle tweaks that have made the game better; 7.5 for the need to fix sniper rifles and poison

Art - not going to give a number due to subjectivity; if you like the screen shots then you like the art direction; I like it quite a bit and at worst, I could see people thinking its generic; some of the outfits later on are a bit gaudy with over the top details because they had to make improvements to a solid earlier suit; I plan on keeping my level 12 robotics suit indefinitely

I went in on a 4 pack of the game and 2 of the 4 people didn't get past level 7. They both proclaim the game to be horrible and said no one should play the game. It doesn't surprise me that the game got a 5.5 when someone only played 6 hours of it. I've put in more than 20 hours and I don't feel I'm anywhere close to being able to write a review until I've at least tried Assault, Medic and AvA.

I'm happy to see all the new attention to this thread. Here's a question for those of you that are more in to the whole AvA stuff:

My small group wants to take part, but we have no clue where to start. Do we have to join an alliance to be eligible to get in on some of that alliance's action? Since we're small, we don't know how to make it all happen.

I don't think I have any clue how to do AvA either other than to press the conquest button? It definitely seems like its something that should be "scheduled" before we just jump in and run around with our hair on fire.

Heh I was actually able to make it on last wednesday but I must have missed you Dev. Sent you a pm. I don't know if you got it yet.

fangblackbone wrote:

I don't think I have any clue how to do AvA either other than to press the conquest button? It definitely seems like its something that should be "scheduled" before we just jump in and run around with our hair on fire.

To AvA, you need an Agency and have a 8+ man squad lead by someone with privileges to bid on territories. Then open up the conquest map and bid on a territory. Once you successfully bid on a terriotory, you attack! Sounds easy. It's not. And it the main reason why I didn't pick up GA.

I've played some AvA in the one random agency I joined. It's kind of a pain. You spend 30 minutes arguing about which hex you're going to attack. Then you have to wait to attack it. If you have territory you have to defend it if someone else is attacking it. If you're in the middle of attacking someone's hex you need to drop out and go defend yours. On top of that, most likely the team you're playing against is 10 times better than you so you just get slaughtered for 10 minutes.

The agency I'm currently in was saying some of the hard core agencies have their tax rates anywhere from 75%-100% to help fund AvA. Apparently it's very expensive. I thought the 20% of my current agency was high.

I'm disappointed it's not as accessible to solo players. I have no reason to pay for conquest mode if I can't even play it. I'm hoping the MMO stuff they add is worth playing.

So I looked up my stats on the web page and decided to look some of you guys up. Jesus Ruki, I thought dev and I played this game a lot but we've only logged in around 35 hours each. You've got a whopping 95 hours in the game and a lot of really respectably leveled characters. (a 30, a 28 and a few 20's) Wow! *bows*

Though, I must admit my robotics stats are impressive: nearly 6500 damage and almost 900 healing. I do take pride in being able to support my team and lead the mission damage charts =)

There is no secret. It is amazing how much damage you can do with every classes' stock rifle when using the scope.

edit: wow delving further there is a lot of great info on the my stats page. (which you can use to look up others too) All of your top statistics are listed and if you click on the statistic it will list all the stats for the whole team for the mission where you achieved them.

Well.. I'm coming here to ask the proverbial "is it worth it" question.
I keep looking for a good FPS type game that is large scale - and all have failed me so far
MAG for instance - I just can't get into it. Same thing with planet side.
Love the BF series. Loved UT. Tribes was a wet dream in the FPS realm.

Should I give it a whirl you think?

I screwed around with it a little, but I found the leveling way too grindy and slow.

If you're looking for large scale I'd say wait to try it until march when the open world stuff is supposed to be implemented.

Its a very competent shooter. The classes are distinct and scale very well so far. I've put 37.5 hours into it with no signs of slowing down. I'm still learning something new about one or more of the classes that forces me to rethink strategies when playing with and as other classes. And I primarily play pve missions. I know enough in my limited experience in pvp that I'm barely at the tip of the iceberg there.

Am I the only one still playing? I guess the SC2 beta owns all...

I'm still playing.

I'm certainly still playing. I got into some AvA fights over the weekend with some alliance. They were very nice folks, but dear god - getting into actual fights took quite a while. Earning XP is certainly easier if you stick to PvP and PvE. I am very interested in the open world stuff because there needs to be a jump-in-and-have-fun button when it comes to the persistent stuff. As it stands right now, though I still love the game, I would not pay a monthly charge for what they are currently offering.

Yah, I think they need to have the equivalent of Low Sec missions for higher levels. They'll need to up the difficulty for sure, but keep the brevity of the missions. They would also need to have stealth detecting sensors so that recons can't stealth to the boss and finish the level in little more than 1 minute. I've been in a group as my robotics with 3 other recons that did that.

My only fear is akin to what happened to WAR. At launch WAR scenarios were very popular and exciting and wait times in between matches were on the nature of 8-20 seconds. Then there was a vocal minority (in 20/20 hindsight) that complained that there was no reason to do open world non instanced pvp because the rewards were not up to par with scenarios, there was no incentive/reward to defend capture points and the population was low because everybody was playing scenarios.

So patch after patch after patch they tried new reward systems, beefing up incentives and even events to promote open world pvp. The reward systems were an insane grind. The focus on defending points caused players to idle for minutes to then run for minutes to then idle for minutes. Whereas scenarios were mostly nonstop fighting, open world was at best 50/50 fighting/waiting and at worst 5/95 fighting/waiting. It was also almost the antithesis of confrontation whereas significant forces would fight until each side's strength was surmised. If the challenge was too great, one side would run around to undefended capture points while the other was locked down trying to capture their point. It led to a round-robin of one side chasing the other, trying to undo what the other side had done while they were idling.

And still, patch after patch they shot themselves in the foot, drawing people away from the bustling scenarios (largely left unattended and unimproved) towards the so-so open world pvp. And the more attention they paid to it, the louder the complaints seemed to get. To be fair, some serious thought was put into this and they had some great ideas and the rate at which they implemented them was amazingly quick.

Summary for a long post:

I hope they don't follow in the footsteps of WAR and uncover a double edged sword when implementing something that both draws people away from the fun stuff and the focus on the new unproven stuff slows development of the fun stuff to a crawl.

My quick thoughts

I love the combat. I'll love it much more when I can pick my game modes. I hate getting 3 or 4 matches in a row of modes I can't stand. They should include an incentive for people who pick random matches, like a credit bonus or some crafting materials. The should group the matches by level 5-17, 18-29, 30+ to make the matches a little more fair.

Levels are boring and bland. This would have been a great way to implement story elements (remember the first 5 minutes of the tutorial?) Only worth doing for the crafting materials.

Takes too long to organize people. Not really worth doing until you're level 30.

Fang, you just described a large part of the Planetside experience with scary accuracy. All SOE's additions to the game drew focus away from (not toward) the best of open world combat. The giant robots made infantry runs futile (until they fixed it fully six months afterward) and the Core Combat addition drew people away from the main battles. I won't beat that dead horse, but it's interesting to note the parallels.

Firefly, I concur with what you said, though I enjoy PvE a bit more because it's less about the level design and more about the fun of honing teamwork skills. AvA is such a hassle right now. I can earn 5x the XP I would gain in those fights if I just stuck to PvP.

Heh, thanks doc. It comes from experience =P

Echoes from the past to toot my own horn further:

Is it wrong of me to hope the new GA solo content is... bad?

If its too good, it could kill the game.

I enjoy PvE a bit more because it's less about the level design and more about the fun of honing teamwork skills.

I couldn't agree more. Though, PvP is a lot of fun and it is easier to succeed when playing as an assault with a grenade launcher.

fangblackbone wrote:

So I looked up my stats on the web page and decided to look some of you guys up. Jesus Ruki, I thought dev and I played this game a lot but we've only logged in around 35 hours each. You've got a whopping 95 hours in the game and a lot of really respectably leveled characters. (a 30, a 28 and a few 20's) Wow! *bows*

I've 120 hours according to Steam. My Robotics is at 30, My Assault is at 28 (missing only the det grenades) and the other two classes are at 20 or 21. I've got other alts on top of that (eight total characters; one of every class and gender).

I've been playing my second Robotics more than I play the main Medic/Recon, though; I hate hearing the whining when we have six Recons even though I'm the one tearing bases apart instead of sniping. Medics are a little rough to have fun with unless you spec poison, at which point I feel bad; I've been on the other end of Poison Grenade + Poison Aura and I think it's a bit ridiculous to have a stupidly-easy-to-do DOT combo that kills you even when you use REST.

Basically, my Robotics is my favorite, but my grenade Assault pours out such ungodly AOE DPS that I can't help but grin. Plus she's dressed up like Samus.

What's gotten me over all these hours, though, is how one team's Robotics seem to be well-defended and hard to take down without bringing the wrath of a few players on you, and the other team's Robotics can't get a medstation halfway built without two Recons and a Medic-backed Assault tearing it apart. I end up on the latter team as a Robotics more than I care to admit.

I miss the ability to change classes mid-game. Good reason to hold on to TF2, I suppose.

Patch 1.1 going on test server...

The biggest features are a friends/ignore list and major overhaul to crafting. The crafting recipes are going to be restructured so that they are straightforward and tiered instead of random.

I can't wait!

There's a test server?

Yah apparently =)

So let me ask, how MMO is this? The last "MMO" game I really sat down and played was Guild Wars. I liked it, but didn't play it for 100+ hours. Before that, it was like, Asheron's Call. I've always had an interest these types of games, but never had the time to dedicate to it. I have less time these days for video games. So is this game not very fun for a casual gamer? I know if I enjoy it I will easily sink more than 20 hours in a month or two into it, I'm just wondering how much of a "grind" it is to start enjoying it.

From what I've seen so far though, although the whole point of the game is the PvP (which was fun with my group of school friends back in my Asheron's Call days, we were on the full unadulterated tear-out-your-hair open PvP server), it seems like you'll spend a lot of time in 4-person groups of PvE? Is it true these missions only last 15-30 minutes? Seems easy enough to manage. I've always found it difficult to have to sit down for 2 hours on an online game without a pause button and try and grind it out. I'm definitely looking for something more casual.

The game definitely looks interesting though. Anyone still interested in the game looking for a 4-pack?

Well, if you look at Robear's stats, he's played 6 hours and has 2 level 10 characters and a level 6. (levels 1-5 are a fast tutorial that you can skip to become level 5 instantly)

I've played 38 hours and have a level 23, 15, 15 and 13. Ruki has played 102 hours and has levels 30, 22, 20, 10, 20, 10, 12, 29.

PvE has low, medium, high, maximum and double agent difficulties. Low is level 5-10 and takes around 10 minutes to finish. Medium is levels 5-20 and takes around 14-15 minutes. High is 12+ (maybe 12-30) and takes 15-20 minutes. I haven't tried maximum (22+) or double agent (25+).

The good thing is that the difficulty ramps up between low to medium to high but your ability to complete them increases as you level as well. Medium is not worth it if you are below level 10. Its much easier to get 900xp in 9-10 minutes than it is to get 1000 (if you lose) or 1200 (if you win) in 14-15. But once you hit 11 or 12, you start getting the maximum bonuses (1250-1350) and you almost never lose at medium security missions. By level 17 you are routinely getting 1300-1350xp.

At level 12, high security missions are impossible so you spend 20 minutes trying to just get to the boss at the end. Losing nets you 1300xp for 20 minutes so medium is a much better bet. I finished my first high security mission at level 18. And by level 18 they are winnable (especially if you are grouped with others 22+).

Once you hit 21, high secs start becoming 50/50 winnable and it is possible to get the low death bonus for 2300 xp. There was one time where we finished with less than 3 seconds left but most of the time if you win you have 1-3 minutes left. So its 2000-2300 xp for 17-19 minutes and 1300-1400 xp for 20 minutes.

Also these are the xp amounts required to level:

5-9 4000 per level (20,000 total or ~22 low sec wins)
10-14 8000 per level (40,000 total or ~30 med sec wins or 40 losses)
15-19 12000 per level (60,000 total or ~46 med sec wins or 60 losses)
20-24 16000 per level ( 80,000 total or ~35 high sec wins or 60 losses)

Seems like you at least get levels considerably quickly. Thanks for the breakdown. It seems like a lot who have put 20+ hours into it are enjoying it.

I've read how the missions are set up, you don't normally have to wait very long to get a group of 4. Question though, are you able to attempt missions on your own, or with only one other person? Sometimes you just want to get something done on your own, right?

You have to have 4 to start but people can drop or get disconnected rarely after the mission has started. You can then continue the mission with 1,2, or 3 players.

Supposedly in March, a new content patch is coming that offers more MMO like aspects. There will be open world content for 1-10 players. There are both pve and pvp versions of this content and there will be also be designated regions where ffa pvp takes place.

I think there is also supposed to be instanced "dungeons" to find out in the open world. regardless, the game is going to take giant leaps towards a more traditional MMO content.

It's still early days for GA. I play it when I'm in the mood for a shooter with actual people playing. If you want a good, detailed mmo with tons of story, decent mechanics, actual differentiation between classes and good crafting, try LOTRO. Every class can be soloed, most "required" group quests can now be soloed, and the game can be played casually or hardcore as you like. Also, a very high quality player base. PUGs are usually not an issue. Most of us are on Landroval.

Thanks for the info guys. I don't think I'm looking for an MMORPG at this time. I like them, well I have in the past, but just don't have the time or money for it these days. Global Agenda caught my eye because it has the option of paying, but all the PvE comes stock with the game without a monthly fee. I also liked the setting, etc.

Oh well, I have plenty of games to play right now, I'll probably keep an eye on this thread though.

Hey Guys, I bought this then was side tracked by star trek and SCII. I'm planning on starting back up as either a recon or medic, any input on what you guys think would be great. Also, who should I contact about joining up as a crew?