Global Agenda Catch-all

I'm probably going to have to wait for some funds before I can pick this up, but it sounds right up my alley, so if it's as responsive as you say I might have to get it. If you'll accept another Oceanic player who's up at weird hours, I'd love to join up.

You both are quite welcome. Feel free to join our community/forums (found in my sig). We have a modest-slot (15) Vent-server and a very good group of folks. We're quite accepting of new blood, but - as I say - you can't expect us to be the most active of the groups you'll encounter. Even so, I'm looking forward to having someone for Dog to play with on account of his screwy (from our point of view) schedule.

Welcome Fang and Redwing. How the hell you killed a boss under those circumstances I will never know, but that's a good omen for our group.

I just signed up on the section 8 forum doc under the name djori. I have found the player search in GA but I don't know if that is the same place where we add people to friends lists too.

Okay, I founded the GWJ Agency. Contact Taikuo (me), Djori or BuckDharma in-game for an invite. They will bring you in.

Most people in the thread sound like they're on board, but Giant Bomb did a quick look.

Alright I dropped the random guild that grabbed me on opening night. I'm now ready for an invite from Section 8 docbadwrench. Username is Elliottx. I just haven't been able to find you in game.

Anybody know if they buffed robotics before release? Because in beta I was no where near as capable as I am now...given that could've been that everybody was level 30 but it seems now I can always finish in the top third on any type of match.

Beefed up robotics in what way? They only change I've felt since beta is they slightly nerfed the accuracy and poison chance of the agony gun for medics. Its seems 90% as effective as it was but is still a very useful gun.

Oh and it seems that med stations spawn faster. That seems like the only robotics buff I can think of. Its very handy. Robotics is easily the most versatile class and if you have 2 in your party, you can tackle most challenges much easier.

edit: man this game is so much fun. If we do get a consistent group together I would like to play a healer, but with the HoT buff gun instead of the beam. It keeps people from getting too reckless and it makes the healers job easier. And people won't get obsessed with the holy trinity in a shooter.

I'd like to join the agency. I want to try some conquest mode.

Can anyone in game grab a screen shot of the conquest maps? I didnt pick it up at launch as i wanted to see what would play out with the changes. Is it still dominated by 2 or 3 groups?

WiredAsylum wrote:

Can anyone in game grab a screen shot of the conquest maps? I didnt pick it up at launch as i wanted to see what would play out with the changes. Is it still dominated by 2 or 3 groups?

Preferably the map that is open around 8:00 EST

Awesome stuff, guys. I am hoping to jump on tonight. By the way, one of our numbers is on all the flipping time. So if you're in game and I'm not, give a hollar to Tuckoo. Just tell him I sent you and he'll get you in.

Wow! I must say that the high security mission boss is really tough. He has just really nasty orange glowing balls of doom, a ton of hit points, and he summons blue alarm bots. The good thing is that even though we failed, we ended up getting almost 1400 xp.

Anyone going on tonight?

Looking for an agency, level 20 Bombcon. Devmani

I hit level 13 today on my Recon. I'm usually on 7pm-9pm eastern.

I finally hooked up with docbadwrench and had a blast. I've come to the conclusion that the role change for recon in PvP is not something I'm very strong at... yet. I'm learning but I think I'll stick with the robotics if we are going to run a lot of pvp. It could also be that I may have been way under leveled or I just happened to confront a lot of higher level players that I could only whittle away at while they chewed me up. Although some of these guys I'll admit to having a knowledge edge seeing as they killed themselves a few times trying to hack at me with my melee shield up. That makes me giggle quite a bit.

I may fire my medic back up. I'll have to catch up on a few levels. The poison gun may help my frustration last night with a handful of players escaping my wrath with less than a few specks of health. And I don't think anyone will be upset with me using the HoT buff gun instead of the beam. That has got to be so chaotic doc, using the beam in the heat of trying to wrestle control of a capture point.

Anyways I look forward to seeing some of you on tonight. Look up djori for grouping.

When I whisper ya, you never answer. I'm having a blast(quite litterally) with Recon, it's a nice mix of scout, spy, demo and sniper the way I play it. It's nice to see 4+ names pop on your screen when you drop a firebomb or EMP. I've played medic for about 10 minutes but I see myself going back once I finish recon.

Has anyone tried Conquest mode yet?

Dev, you whisper me and I don't respond? OMG, sorry man! I'll keep an eye out for you. It also doesn't help that the /tell chat color is the same purple as the quest reward messages. Is there a friends list? I'll have to look into changing the /tell chat color too. Maybe to something nice and bright like fire engine red.

edit: Yah, I get the feeling that when the fire bomb is up, it time for recons to go on a stealth bombing run! I don't have the emp yet at 13. I'm not great with the sniper rifle but I am great at sniping with the regular rifle. Well I should say assisting as I never seem to get kills, but I do get quite a few assists. Oh and mines... I'm good with mines. They are especially great in defense and control point pvp maps.

I played my first robot v robot match today. It was a blast but I can see why no one wants to play it. It ended in a stalemate and I was rewarded a lousy 923 xp after a lot of hard work.

edit2: The HoT buff gun sucks, period... Its got less range unless you use the sniper scope. It heals more but does it every second whereas the beam does it twice a second which makes the difference when someone has no hp like when you are fighting grenade spiders or rocket bots in PvE. Its also harder to target, making its effective range even shorter.

As far as I know there's no friends list in the game. If we're in the same agency there's an agency list. We could start a GWJ Steam group and just communicate through that. It may be easier than the ingame chat. If we're in the same agency, I think agency chat is green.

Yah and team chat is blue. But if I never see his tells, I won't be able to add him to the agency... =(

I almost never notice GA's in game chat.

Great to get you on board Devmani!

Woot! Dev and I were on a team that beat a high security mission tonight! Most of the mission is tougher than medium by quite a bit. But the bosses I've faced in the 4 I've attempted have been insane. This one was par for the course and we beat him with less than 5 seconds left. We may have gotten the kill shot with one sec remaining! Just to give you guys an idea, we got to the boss with 5:22 seconds remaining on the timer. We did lose a lot of time from running back to the boss chamber after dying. It is a good 30 second trip.

Arrgh, well apparently the retail outlets here in Australia don't even know what Global Agenda is, let alone if they'll stock it, and at 15GB it's a bit much for my poor internet download limit to handle. I'm hoping to upgrade my internet here soon, but until then or until I find a disc copy to install from, gonna have to hold out on this.

We need more people playing this.

So, my son bought the game, but when we go to register him, the reg servers report that they can't create an account record. Anyone know anything about this? Support was less than helpful.

Robear wrote:

So, my son bought the game, but when we go to register him, the reg servers report that they can't create an account record. Anyone know anything about this? Support was less than helpful.

Could be an issue with the Reg server, I haven't seen that before. You could raise a stink about wanting your money back if it doesn't get fixed or you get some sort of Helpful assistance. That usually gets some movement going.

I picked this up and am playing. BabaganoushGWJ. I have no idea what I'm doing but my enthusiasm is definitely piqued.

So I've finally been able to sort of get a handle on high security missions. I have even done a few where we had 3 or less deaths. (One we had only 1 death!) You really just cannot play them with anyone below level 20. Players don't have the versatility in equipment or enough skill points invested to be able to handle these mission below 20.

And actually, no you do not need a healer to complete them. And if you have 2 recons that are experienced enough to be self sufficient, everyone else is a distraction for the final boss, as they chew them up with their sniper rifles. Seriously, its a thing to behold as you watch the boss's health drop while you are running back to the fight after you die. I mean you are pretty much full support at that point where you handle any healer drones that pop up or any of the other summons. I have witnessed 2 recons take down a high security boss in 30-40 seconds. Well, I did drop a +20% dps sensor for them =)

I have been using my sensor with great success lately. One match in PvP in the dueling robots map, I dropped a little camp near some perches in front of our spawn point. I set up my medical station, sensor, and machine gun turret. Well, it became a gathering place for our sides recons. My machine gun sat unused throughout the match because nothing got even remotely close to it. It was really funny to charge an enemy running up to the halfway point of the map, only to see them drop just as they were getting into my sniping range. If the enemy bot made it to the halfway point, he had half health and all of his escorts had been picked off. I got no thanks for this, but it was thanks enough that those guys must have been having an absolute blast.