Any decent alternatives to Picasa?

Anyone else using Picasa to manage photos? It's an okay program, but Google keeps trying to link it to Google Earth on start up, which is driving me up the wall. I can't figure out how to turn off that feature, so I'm wondering if people have a different photo organizing/editing program they like.

Under Tools there is a Geotag/Clear Geotag option, I've never used this feature in Picasa so I'm not sure if clearing it will help or not.

I checked the menu, but the "clear" doesn't stop google earth from loading up with Picasa. It's a weird thing Picasa does on startup in my machine. Maybe there's something in the configuration file that got screwed up.

I use idImager. It's payware but I have over 7000 photos plus versions so I need a good DAM system.

My wife switched from Picasa to iPhoto and likes it.

I hate to keep plugging something but Flickr works wonderfully. You may not be looking for an image hosting network, but i've never seen better tools than the ones available to organize photos on Flickr. iPhoto is ok, it does the job of basically importing photos and has the ability to upload them to a variety of places but it's very basic and not very power user friendly, you can't edit a lot of things which just winds up slowing down the process of getting things done for me.

Wife and I use iPHoto. It does what we need it 2 do. It organizes our photos and lets us share them easily. And some basic editing which is all we generally do. Red-eyes, cropping, ...

Newest version has built-in uploading to Facebook and Flickr. I highlight a photo, click Flickr and then OK to confirm a couple details and it is uploaded. Same dealio with email, MobileMe and iWork. Also works seamlessly with other Mac programs like iMovie or iTunes or Mail, etc.

The basic organizing "method" is Events. The sweet usability feature is you can browse photos by Events and mouse over the Event cover photo to quickly see every photo inside. Can't say I know if this is in every other photo-organization program, but it's slick. They introduced this last version.

You can do some calendars and cards and stuff like that with iPhoto. Print them yourself or have them professionally printed via a built-in link. It also has a decent email your photo feature with different backgrounds and drag and drop spots for photos for various "life" announcements.

Also easy to do the typical "Ken Burns" slideshow stuff.


I'm actually digging most of the new Windows Live programs, and Photo Gallery isn't half bad. Tagging is pretty easy, you can tag people or descriptive data, and it has built-in Flickr and Facebook stuff as well, in addition to all the normal slideshow options. And it has the standard Windows folder trees for directory sorting, or date sorting. Pretty zippy too.

(1) What platform are you using?
(2) What do you mean when you say "manage"
(3) Around how many photos do you have and expect to have in the next few years? Round to the nearest power of ten.

Given that information, someone can give you an intelligent answer (maybe even me).

Windows Photo Gallery is pretty good for a free app.