Trials HD on XBLA

Thought I'd start a thread about that game because I find it extremely addictive. I'm one of those guys who will try, try and try again to beat your high score and I will not quit until I do. That game answers that desire for supremacy extremely well-- you always have your friend's list right in your face, telling you how good you are, or just how badly you suck.

For the purpose of making the game that much more interesting, I suggest we add each other to our lists. It`s probably the stupidest idea I've ever had because I`m sure a lot of you have much better times than me and seeing those better scores will deprive me from a lot of sleep, but hey, I like a challenge.

I'm Interstate 78 on XBL

I'm game. I sent you a friends request and also my gamer tag is the same as my user name ( NotmeyouFOOL) if anyone wants to compare times or if anyone has made any levels that would be awesome.

You should check the XBLA thread. A bunch of us who bought the game at launch were posting our GTs in there.

...and I thought I was good until I added the rest of you jerks, too.
At least I'm still beating Clemenstation, though.

Interesting and strange.