Ottawa S&T This Friday September 4th @ Patty's Pub, 7pm

I've seen a few new forum members lately who are from Ottawa or Ontario (which could be Ottawa) so I thought I'd toss this out for those people. The local Goodjer posse is having an impromptu meetup this Friday at our usual haunt which is Patty's Pub on Bank Street in The Glebe. Only a few of us are going this time around but it's always a fun, geeked out time with much spirited debate (tell kuddles how awesome Joss Whedon is after he's had a few, I dare you.) If any of the new local folk would like to join up for the fun, the more the merrier. We're always up for more new faces!

We get together fairly often (at least once a month in most cases) and I have a mailing list I maintain on my server for local Goodjers to keep in touch. If you're interested in joining our very elite geographically based circle of awesomeness, fire me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll add you to the list so you can keep up to date on our future madness.

See you guys on Friday!