GWJ Auction Draft Fantasy Football League - Interest and Setup Thread

In a recent failed attempt to get a fantasy keeper league going, there was quite a bit of discussion about using the auction draft method. Although it doesn't look like a keeper league is going to happen, I'm interested in running an auction draft league.

To keep things simple, we would use the same scoring and roster positions as the main GWJFFL leagues (see Grumpicus's post for info). The only difference would be the draft itself. Each manager will start with $200. In turn, managers will choose a player to nominate for auction and place a starting bid (minimum $1). Once a player is nominated, bidding will continue free for all style in $1 increments until there are no more bids. The winning coach will add the player to his roster and deduct his bid from
his remaining budget. Coaches are required to fill all roster and bench spots, so a player may not bid more than his remaining budget minus remaining roster spots, since each spot is filled at a minimum of $1.

If you're interested in coaching a team, post here. We will use FleaFlicker for league management, but will conduct the draft at ESPN because their interface handles auction drafting quite well.

Those who had signed up for the keeper league (9 as of this writing) will have first shot, but if they decline or do not post here by Tuesday, Sept 1, their spot will be open for the taking. The draft will be between Sept 5-Sept 9, and will not interfere with either of the other GWJFFL drafts. We will finalize a draft date and time via poll. We will need 10-12 teams to make a go of this. If we have less than that signed up by Fri, Sept 4, we will call off the league.

If I missed anything, please let me know.

I'll give it a go... as long as the draft date doesn't conflict with the other two leagues.

Grumpicus wrote:

I'll give it a go... as long as the draft date doesn't conflict with the other two leagues.

The draft date/time will not conflict with the other leagues. Ideally it will be on a different day, but at the very least it will be several hours separated from the GWJFFL/GWJFFL2 drafts.