Elemental: War of Magic - Catch All

LtWarhound wrote:

The AI just can't handle those.

Odd. I was brought to Stardock games because their AIs normally don't have those kind of stupidities.

Sadly, once you get a super stack, its game over. You can just roll through their empire, waltzing right through their cities. The counter to superstacks are the unit spells. Drop a Freeze/Tremor spell on it, then Tornado it. The stack flies apart, the individual units scattered about, and immobilized for a turn. Then you run in with half stacks of okay units and curbstomp them before they run away. Or if you lack Tornado, there are several damaging spells you can offload. If you have a familiar/imp tucked away, then you get a second cast (if your sovereign can cast it, that is.)

The AI has never done that to me, never used a Strategic cast anti-unit spell of any kind on my stacks.

The AI plays well in the first half/third of the game, if you are gonna lose, its gonna be early. But once you have a handful of cities, a decent stack supporting your sovereign (decent, not super), a few shards, then you probably have the game won.

I'll have to try a non-caster sovereign game sometime, I suspect/hope that will make the difference.

LtWarhound wrote:

I'll have to try a non-caster sovereign game sometime, I suspect/hope that will make the difference.

Nope, same results, just didn't have to worry about mana or a wimpy sovereign being taken out by a few archers. Just rode in behind a wave of spearmen and rolled them up.

Yeah, I agree about the super stack problem. To be fair, most strategy games in this vein become uninteresting towards the end game, but this is a bit worse than average I'd say.

Granath wrote:

- In both games I've played, I had my Sovereign and one hero unit that I get on the first turn. From what I've read it appears you can have more than just that one hero, but I have yet to see another one on the map. Combat is more interesting with a hero unit, but I can't find a way to get more. It would be cool if hero units were more common, but they had a cost in gold/materials. I know the expansion is supposed to change the way the hero system works, but as it is it's unwhelming.

One of the options when setting up the game at the start is the density of various bits. Want more heroes? Monsters? Resources? Magic? Want less? You can tweak each of those, along with the size of the map, the number and identity of the AI sovereigns, their individual difficulty levels. Do keep in mind that heroes are out there waiting only until they are hired by someone, or killed. One of the sovereign abilities is Adventurer, which eliminated the hiring costs (which can be steep, 1500 gildar for a level 9 is common). Another allows you to hire any hero, not just the ones aligned to your 'side' (empire vs kingdom). So if you don't hustle out there and get to them before the AI does, that may explain why you couldn't find any more.