SOCOM: Confrontation Catch-All [1.50 = Finally OUT!]

So what's the verdict? Is this fixed enough yet to actually get a group together and make a night out of it or is it still half-assed enough to put off until the next patch?

Finally, imho, some 'real' news that will be in 1.30:


SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Features (Part 6)
Posted by Seth Luisi
Quick Match/Parties are a go for 1.30.

While we were finishing up the SOCOM Awards and PSN Trophy implementation, we were also working in parallel on the Quick Match/Party features of SOCOM: Confrontation. Since the awards and trophies took a little longer than expected to fully implement and test, we had time to finish the Quick Match/Party systems and they will now be included in the 1.30 patch.

The Quick Match option has been added to the SOCOM: Confrontation main menu. Once you select quick match you are taken to the party screen where you can invite other players to join your party. On the party screen, you can chat with your party while you are waiting for everyone to join. Once everyone has joined, select join game and your party is matched with other players of similar skill. For the 1.30 update, you can select from 3 different game types for the quick match; 16x16 Ranked, 16x16 Unranked and 16x16 Respawn. All large maps and game modes are available and the playlists are selected at random.

We plan on making improvements to the Quick Match/Party system in future SOCOM: Confrontation updates, including smaller games and smaller maps as our priority. We look forward to the consumer feedback once you get a chance to try the system out.


Seth Luisi
Director of Development
Sony Computer Entertainment America


Still nothing on Clan, but has to be close now. Go to to look at screen mentioned in this article. Also I'm a bit less excited seeing how it just for 16x16 maps. I sitll get lag in these (although not as bad as before). And getting that many 'friends' together will be tough.


They SAID it!

They have been avoiding the words "party system" for SO long.


I'm so mother f*cking happy

It's so close. I can be the SOCOM cheerleader again soon.

It's a slight bummer that matchmaking will only support 16x16 games to begin with, as I like classic 8x8 sized games better, but it says support for smaller games will come next, and it's a hell of a lot better to actually have it at all than to keep waiting forever.

In preparation for the 1.30 patch, I will be disbanding and re-creating the Squishy Brain clan, so that we can switch away from the SAS and choose a different special forces.

The options are:
United States (SEALs)
Germany (KSK)
Spain (UoE)
France (RPIMA)

The SEALs have the SCAR-L (err, SFCR-LW), which despite the listed stats, has a nice tight bullet spread.

The SAS has the IW-80, which is a nice weapon but is heavy as a brick. That's why we're leaving them.

The KSK have the GMP, which is almost like an assault rifle in SMG form. It's slower than the other SMGs and only packs 25 rounds, but it's damage is nearly that of the M4. And, the real treat, it's the lowest encumbrance of any primary weapon except the pea-shooting HK7. You can wear heavier armor and still move around with the GMP.

The UoE have the AMELI, the ultimate bullet sprayer. Has zero range, but packs 200 rounds with high stopping power and a maxed out fire rate.

And then there's France's FAMAS, the most popular special forces weapon. It's an assault rifle with crazy high fire rate.

Everyone uses the Frenchies for the FAMAS, so I might be inclined to go elsewhere (though I would love to play with the FAMAS myself).

I find the GMP intriguing. People overlook its damage-to-encumbrance ratio and don't realize the potential of pairing it with medium armor and still maintaining mobility.

The SFCR is, by reports of people who use it and don't just look at the weapons charts, extremely accurate. SOCOM has a history of weapon charts that don't tell the whole story, and a lot of people just go purely by the charts and only later realize the actual performance (the IW-80's performance in SOCOM II wasn't really reflected in the weapons stats, and nobody used it early on).

Also, more weapons will come in content updates, and I have a feeling that someone other than the Frenchies are going to get the best out of the next update.

OK, I disbanded the clan and recreated it as SEALs.

I love the SFCR so far!

Very accurate. Screw the dumb in-game stats that say the M4 is more accurate. This thing puts bullets right on your dot, and especially with a front grip, it doesn't kick much at all.

Everyone should have new invites waiting in your SOCOM messages, let me know if I missed anyone.

I've been working on a custom control set, to take the scope off of the D-pad:

L2: Zoom Out / (hold) Voice Chat
L1: Zoom In

D-pad: Taunt/Night Vision/Camera Switch/Fire Mode

R2: Run
R1: Shoot

Triangle: Crouch/Prone
Square: Jump
X: Action
Circle: Reload / (hold) Choose Weapon

L3: Weapon swap
R3: Melee

Because of a bug where your tap action often gets triggered also when trying to do the hold action, great care must be taken as to which button hold actions share with tap actions. For the weapon wheel on Circle, reload works great, because I will only access the weapon wheel in a brief moment of non-action, and triggering a reload at that point doesn't hinder me (the weapon switch still happens on time). As for voice chat, the fact that it's on Zoom Out would only affect me if I'm zoomed in and trying to chat, and if I'm zoomed, I'm usually a bit busy to chat.

I'm hoping, though, that one of the "over 100 bugs" fixed in 1.30 is the hold/tap action, then I could have a little more flexibility making a custom preset.

Any day now... they're teasing me, just holding onto the patch and waiting for me to snap....

Thanks for the work. I've not logged into SOCOM for a few days, but will do so to get back into Clan. I'm very happy it's SEALS. I'll take a look at your custom control too. My big problem (and I see other's with it) is when I'm in a furball situation trying to move around with the left analog stick, I accidentally push down on it and get a melee. So having it on R3 might just cut down that accident that L3 gave me (the delay in the 'switch' was bane on getting a round off that could be a difference between going down or not.)

My 360 dying plus the impending patch has pushed me up and onto the fence.

Just to recap, here's what's coming in the massive 1.30 patch:

New Features
* Party System / Matchmaking feature (instead of browsing for a channel like US West 4 and then searching for a game to join, just enter Quick Match and you're in a Halo/COD-like party matchmaking system) - aka *Legion*'s Christmas Present
* PSN Trophies / "SOCOM Awards" (achievements)
* Scoreboard changes (shows scores for the entire round when you tap SELECT, shows the current round's scores when holding SELECT)
* Scoreboard now partially transparent
* Frag grenade effective range increased - grenades currently have a VERY limited explosion radius.
* Dive-to-prone - also, increased movement speed when prone, which was turtle crawl-like
* Option to lean with directional pad instead of tilt control
* Stackable gear items (if you select two sets of grenades for your gear, you no longer have to switch from one set to the other to use them all)
* RPGs and grenade launchers removed from RANKED rooms
* "Lefty" control (swap sticks) option
* DTS audio
* Limited "presence" information on PSN Friends List (PSN limits presence info to 21 characters, Slant Six is "petitioning SCEI" to try and extend this limit)

Bug Fixes
* "fixes for over 100 issues; some big and some small" - not all have been explicitly stated
* "remaining stability issues" - most crash/freeze problems were fixed with 1.20 but a few rare ones remained for 1.30 to fix
* Lag/framerate hitches fixed
* Audio dropouts
* Reload interruptions - reloading could be interrupted before by bumping something and causing a different animation before a reload finished
* C4 equipping bug in Breach mode (not sure the story behind this one)
* Spectator camera now turns left/right correctly instead of backwards, and recognizes inverted setting, and no longer leaves the HUD onscreen forever.
* Hostages were "affected by smoke"
* Some stats bugs fixed

Still Coming in Future Update(s):
* Extended clan functionality
* Join from friends list capability
* Include 8x8 and 4x4 match types to Matchmaking

Tomorrow, I'm leaving town for a 4-day extended weekend vacation. I bet the damn patch releases while I'm gone.

Yes, I'm still alive and waiting for the f*cking patch to drop. Today I fired up Socom for the first time in about two months or so and what do you know, I got booted three consecutive times with no reasonable explanation. Awesome. I'm glad to see things are still butter smooth. Anyway. here's the latest on 1.30 - it's delayed until mid Jan.

SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Status Update
Posted by Seth Luisi

Some of you may be wondering why we have not posted an update this past week. Well, we've been extremely busy trying to finalize the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update.

We've been spending the last week tracking down and fixing stability issues. A lot of these are not new and existed in the 1.20 update but it is our goal to provide a much more stable experience for the 1.30 update. A lot of the stability issues only happen under infrequent circumstances but the number of separate infrequent issues added up. We've fixed a good number of these issues (including the "heart attack" bug) and we are now preparing a final candidate for final acceptance testing and SCE Format QA.

Unfortunately, due to the Holidays the update will not be approved by SCE Format QA until early next year. Our QA staff will be here, testing the game over vacation, but the SCE QA teams which must approve the update before release will not. Again, these teams must approve all titles and updates before they can be released. We are unable to release the 1.30 update without their approval. As much as I would like to play Scrooge, it is impossible for us to cancel their vacation and get them to approve it over the holiday.

Therefore, barring any unforeseen issues, we are looking to release the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update during the week of January 5th or January 12th. We are pushing to get it approved and deployed ASAP after the holiday break.

We understand that a lot of you were hoping to play the 1.30 update over the break and we really wanted to make that happen. However, our primary goal is to make sure that the 1.30 update lives up to everyone's expectations and more time was needed to make that happen.

D o u b l e p o s t .

Still no word from the devs so the update is likely going to be post-1/12/09. *sigh*



SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Coming
January 9th!

Posted by Seth Luisi
The news you have all been waiting for. The SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update has been approved and will be released tomorrow, January 9th, at about 5am EST (2am PST, 1000 UTC/GMT, 1900 JST/KST). The SOCOM: Confrontation server will be down for 1 to 2 hours at that time in order to update the server for the new update. Everything should be back up and running at about 7am EST (4am PST, 1200 UTC/GMT, 2100 JST/KST).

In order to resolve incorrect player stats and to correct the stats for the Trophy support, we will be clearing all player statistics with the release of the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update. This will be done when the server is updated. General

Posted on 01.08.09 // 05:15 PM



SOCOM weekend!

Wow, I called out sick today with no idea that 1.30 would even be dropping. Maybe I should go buy some lottery tix!

Great timing on the patch, I just picked the game up this morning.

Well as things go for eveything new, there could be problems. Temporary or not (or just the load). I got the 1.30 early this morning without a hitch. But when I went back in I got Server Failure to connect several times. Had to go to work, so not sure if it's still happening or not. But just be ready for the usual problems.

I've been waiting for the patch and a whittling of the game queue before trying this. At least the patch is out.

I'd like to join you guys if you get a game going.

I tried a few pubby matches tonight to try to get a feel for the game, but the lag almost made it unplayable. Hopefully I was just consistently getting into bad ping games or maybe there's a lot of load due to the new patch, but anytime a firefight began the frame rate would dip to about 2FPS and I'd be dead.

Quite frustrating. I'll have to try again some other time.

Horrible. Constant errors about not being able to connect to the community server. I gave up after the matchmaking system was unable to find a quick match several times in a row. And don't get me started on the installation plus patching time. It's unacceptable for me to not be able to play the game an hour after inserting the disc.

Even at this hour, the servers are being hammered. Having everyone online plus serving up a half-gig patch seems to do that.

(I bet it won't be long before that stupid 25 second timer for matchmaking gets blown to hell - it doesn't allow enough time for enough people to get in!)

I tried playing last night but the lag was pretty bad. Also, a couple of things I noticed about the much anticipated patch updates:

d-pad lean - letting go of the direction on the pad results in the character going back to a non-lean position instead of holding it like in S2. So, if I'm camping a corner, I essentially have to keep my thumb on the pad to maintain the lean. This is stupid imo.

dive-to-prone - there seems to be a delay with the game reacting to the initial dive and I noticed that there's no way to get up quickly from a dive. Your'e essentially stuck prone for a good 5+ seconds.

Patch 1.30 Follow-up
Posted by Cindy “Abigale” Bowens
Hello all-

We just wanted to let you know that we are aware of and looking into some server issues which are causing community/stats errors as well as increased latency. We are working on the issue now. Thanks for your patience and your feedback!



Cindy Bowens
Community Manager
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Posted on 01.09.09 // 03:00 PM

Geez, will they ever fix this game so I can put it back on my "must buy" list?

Geez, will they ever fix this game so I can put it back on my "must buy" list?

Aries wrote:

Geez, will they ever fix this game so I can put it back on my "must buy" list?

No. Slant Six has clearly demonstrated that they're an inept game developer. Technical issues all over, poor game design decisions, etc. on a franchise that has been cleary defined since '02. It's sad. I had really high hopes for Socom and even more so with the annoucement of the 1.30 patch but it's clear that key game elements are still not on par with what was promised and I'm afraid it's time for me to move on.

Here's to hoping that the upcoming "Roque Warrior" game (Richard Marcinko - Seal Team Six) takes over as the definitive next-gen SEALs game.

93_confirmed wrote:
Aries wrote:

Geez, will they ever fix this game so I can put it back on my "must buy" list?

No. Slant Six has clearly demonstrated that they're an inept game developer. Technical issues all over, poor game design decisions, etc. on a franchise that has been cleary defined since '02. It's sad. I had really high hopes for Socom and even more so with the annoucement of the 1.30 patch but it's clear that key game elements are still not on par with what was promised and I'm afraid it's time for me to move on.

Here's to hoping that the upcoming "Roque Warrior" game (Richard Marcinko - Seal Team Six) takes over as the definitive next-gen SEALs game.

Not to stick up for Slant for they definitely have dropped the ball in many areas. But isn't the latency and server problems Sony's. I mean it's free and all, but hey, many, many folks say their willing to pay something to get the darn things upgraded so they can play.

First, Warning: Bad Language. But watch this fella (and his several videos...makes me cry):

I've tried to be optimistic, and still hold some hope, but with the continue server problems and now this fella telling it like it is...extremely discouraging.

I broke down and bought Pixel Junk Monsters last night. The PSN connection was so bad, it took more than 10 minutes to download a 64 megabyte game. Reading this thread probably explains it. Their servers must have been absolutely crushed.