News from 1930

Highlights from the Wall Street Journal of what was going on during the 1st year of the Depression.

Bulls encouraged by resistance to repeated bear efforts Saturday and Monday following explosive rise Friday; buying movement spread broadly across the market early. Major industrials strong including US Steel, GE, Westinghouse, as were major utilities and rails (Consol. Gas, New York Central). Steel news caused some irregularity, but good buying appeared on setbacks. Bond market firm; corp. and preferreds up; govts. steady; Dow 40 bond average at new yearly high of 96.61.

Harvey Firestone, Pres. Firestone Tire & Rubber, states America is on eve of greater prosperity than past 10 years. Expresses belief in Ford's statement there will soon be work for everybody. Says company has met depression by cutting overhead and lowering prices; plant now running night and day, 6 days a week.

Small d (depression) is the same as what we call recession now. Not until the Great Depression was the term recession used for relatively small depression/recession of business activity.

Editorial: Adversity of the depression has its benefits, including a return of the virtue of thrift. “With unemployment and destitution in evidence” people are more inclined to provide for the future of themselves and their children; in boom times this is easily forgotten. This trend is seen in savings deposits - they gained $273.8M in the first half vs. a decline of $82.7M in second half of 1929; July has shown a further gain for the first time in six years (normally people withdraw money to pay for vacations, etc). Life insurance also shows the trend, with new policies in the first 7 months up 1.5% over 1929.

I saw this (I think on Steve Keen's blog) and immediately subscribed. It's eerie, and frightening.