My daughter wants to model for Playboy *nsfw*

I find myself asking how I'd feel if this were my (so far fictitious) daughter. I'm not sure how I'd feel under the circumstances, but suspect that I'd have my issues with it. Mostly, though, I'd want to make sure she was cognizant of the gravity of the career decision she was making. This is one of those things you can't undo or explain away. And as much as we'd like to explain it away as being "no big deal" (whatever our motivation for doing so), it really is a career altering decision. It opens some doors to be sure, but it shuts many others.

I have never been in anywhere near the position to make this sort of decision myself, but if I had been, I don't know that I was anywhere near mature enough to really even comprehend the gravity of this kind of decision at 22. That's sort of what parents are for.

As much as I love seeing people getting passionate about sharing their ideals, I think it's safe to say the thread will more accessible (ie, will not be locked) if we stop passing judgement and make comments that will likely be interpreted as personal attacks or offenses.

I think duckideva said it best earlier in this thread about opportunities that sound exciting for a young person that can later close future doors. BadKen, I think your daughter must be aware that posing for Playboy WILL close some doors. It's not a matter of "maybe", it's a matter of "which". People will judge her, and project their views on to her; she'll be brave to some and a slut to others.

It's not a Bible belt issue or a big city issue. It's not even industry-specific; even in the industries close enough to be familiarized enough to "understand"; fashion, clothing, enterntainment, recreation, etc., she'll face hardships.

I think this has exhausted both the comedy and serious debate potential. Obviously putting something like this out there is going to lead to all kinds of discussion you're probably not looking for, but that's the risk you take.

I do, however, take exception to anyone who feels their beliefs and ideals gives them license to speak down to other members of the community. Trying screaming into a pillow before posting.