FFXIV: catch all

Oh, yes, World?


Looking forward to playing with everyone today! Reminder that we’ll be using voice chat in the GWJ Discord, and any last minute coordination we need can be done in the Critically Acclaimed FF14 thread that lives underneath the #mmo channel. See y’all at noon PT.



I was a simulation all this time D:

My FC had some Halloween fun in the haunted manor, and since my best costume idea needed me to make my hair blond, I figured I might as well make two and get the most out of the change, and further posted both to Eorzea Collection:

Emma Frost

and Black Canary

Was housing demolition reenabled? There was only one house available last cycle on my server (Behemoth), but this cycle there are a whole bunch available.

Demolition is still on hold, but they just opened a new North American data center, Dynamis, so folks are moving over, which means old plots may now be open.


Got omni-90 today! It feels very weird knowing I'm not going to have anything to level until 7.0.

beanman101283 wrote:

Demolition is still on hold, but they just opened a new North American data center, Dynamis, so folks are moving over, which means old plots may now be open.

Oh, that would explain it. Here’s hoping I have a chance of getting one ….

kenada wrote:

Here’s hoping I have a chance of getting one ….

And I did! I’ve been playing since ARR and never even bothered to try for a house until housing auctions were implemented in 6.1. I guess I should have bought a lottery ticket last weekend too.

Congrats! You'll have to post pics once you get it all decorated


Less shiny, but all the 1st stage Manderville relics. I don't expect to get most of these much further, seeing as in this relic cycle, I'm vaccinated and can leave my place, cautiously.

I also upgraded to the PS5, and while visually the differences are minor, load times are much reduced and loading issues where, say, I'd do my opener on Byregot in Aglaia mostly t-posing while my machine valiantly finished loading everything are gone, the biggest change is the merciful, merciful silence from the machine itself. I don't have to strain to hear all aspects of the soundtrack over a jet engine warming up!

Anyone still playing or willing to do some Palace of the Dead or roulettes? My sub is ending mid-April and I'm trying to decide if I re-up or not.

I'm always down to run stuff. Things are kind of hectic right now but I should be able to group up this week in evenings.

A recounting of recent achievements in-game:

I finally unlocked the Triple Triad mount! This requires you to collect all Triple Triad cards numbered 1 through 312. Doing this requires you to have unlocked and almost fully explored the content available up through Shadowbringers - story, dungeons, raids, Extreme Trials, daily tribes, crafting and gathering, the Eureka and Bozja exploration zones, Blue Mage, Gold Saucer, etc.

I completed the Stormblood Eureka storyline and finished the Relic Weapon. Definitely one of the cooler Red Mage weapons in the game.

Also as part of Eureka, I cleared the Baldesian Arsenal raid. This supports up to 56 players, and requires coordinating with other players since it's not something you can just queue for at your leisure. The Aether Bozja/Baldesian Arsenal Discord was invaluable in coordinating the group and providing callouts for everyone to follow. Clearing the raid gets you the Demi-Ozma mount, one of the coolest ones in the game.

I ran Palace of the Dead enough that I was able to acquire these awesome Monk weapons. Along with the Cryptlurker gear set, it strongly reminded me of Bloodborne, and I had to take a moody screenshot.

I've done Eureka up to Baldesion Arsenal, I should really give it a try.

The Discord I linked has Baldesian Arsenal runs seemingly every day. They also have links to other data center Discords if you're not on Aether. And of course now with data center travel you can also just hop over to another if that makes it easier. The callouts made it pretty clear where to go and how to handle the mechanics, though it wasn't clear to me how many people were first timers vs veterans. From talking to other people it seems like not every run is smooth like mine was, but it sounds like you can get a clear within a few days if you're really trying for it.

Yeah, when I got to Hydatos, not only was I stunned to find the zone absolutely hopping, but people were throwing out links to the Discord. I just haven't gotten around to it.

Damn, there's a lot going on in there.

merphle wrote:

Damn, there's a lot going on in there.

And I'm so excited for it!

I'm pretty sure the crafted gear confirms The Bouncer reboot:



I prepped a bunch of stuff for my Island Sanctuary, hoping I can collect it all after the patch goes live, so I can get a head start on ranking up. I doubt I will take advantage of the housing glamours there. I still have barely decorated my house. It still only has a lamp, a picture of Y’shtola, and a retainer bell.

I also wonder what other hair styles viera are getting this patch. They always add more than just the two shown off in the patch notes. I’d like to see more shorter/straighter styles this time. If not, I may end up swapping to elezen for a while.

I'm hoping to get a big bomb of Island XP tomorrow as well. I'm not sure I'll mess much with the outdoor furnishing either. Or rather, I might bring some over if my retainer brings me something, but I'm not going to go out of my way to acquire them. The island has been fun for watching numbers go up, but I've been completely ignoring it once I rank up and acquire all the animals.

SpacePProtean wrote:

I'm pretty sure the crafted gear confirms The Bouncer reboot:



I might have to craft that Ninja gear solely for the glam...

Dawntrail is the new expansion, coming out Summer 2024.

Two new jobs, a melee DPS and caster DPS, but not confirmed yet what they will be.

Also, randomly, a Fall Guys crossover event coming in the 6.5x patch.

My job guesses based on the trailer would be some manner of spellblade job, a taco eater, or perhaps something duelist/"pirate" flavored.

I suspect the Warrior of Light's outfit under the cloak is something pirate-y as well. Corsair class, perhaps?

When they were doing the part on new graphical features, they made it sound like they were going to announce viera hats, but no. It’s eyewear lots of people want apparently.