FFXIV: catch all



So I’m tempted to get the leveling boosts on sale just to have them on hand. What do you guys think? One idea I had was boost to 70 so I can unlock red mage and then level that job normally. I figure I would have the same learning curve as I would leveling to 50 then trying it out.

It saves you a LOT of time. At half price, I think it's very much worth it. Your plan sounds good to me!

I personally bought dragoon, because it takes so much longer to grind up DPS jobs with the long queue times. Haven't really touched it yet, but I'm keen to poke around with it very soon.

A_Unicycle wrote:

but I'm keen to poke around with it very soon.

This is a very subtle but amazing pun.

Palace of the Dead is about the only way to power level DPS by yourself, and it’s very nice to have for sure.

I also think the plan’s a good idea, RDM’s designed to teach you the actions from 50 instead of lower levels, so it’s all pretty intuitive. Also verraise is great in higher level trials.