FFXIV: catch all

Finally got me a good Dark Knight starter glam.


The Dark Souls of glams

I did a stupid thing.


I still need 24 dungeon runs to do the final step for a glow, but that's small potatoes compared to what it took to get to the Zodiac step -- and as I learned in an earlier step that required 42 runs, they can be done in about 4 minutes each at Tam Tara Deepcroft.

I decided to stick with Dragoon for now. Got to 30 last night and actually unlocked the Dragoon class itself. And now have a little bit more than the 1-2-3 combo I'd been using roughly forever. Now it's a 1-2-3 combo with a couple of buffs, and the first Jump skill. I actually rather like the simplicity of it for now.

Also have a level 25 or so Thaumaturge. I still liked blasting stuff with magic, but just had more fun with the Dragoon for now.

Plan to keep plucking away at the MSQ. I think I'm on MSQ quests in the 27-28 range, or so.

The only thing I don't like so far on the trial is all the mismatched armor while leveling this early looks like hot garbage. Other than the Hall of the Novice set. Wish there had been a class set at 30 or something, at least.

Dragoon has a pretty static rotation all the way to max level, just gets longer and more involved as it goes. There's something appealing about that, at least to me.

You should be getting class armor starting at 45 and 50. You can also glamour the Hall of the Novice set onto what you're wearing now, though off the top of my head I'm not sure where you can get glamour prisms since the trial can't access the market board. Maybe from Grand Company seals?

Yeah, I actually like the static rotation. Feels complex enough for me, and just trying to keep up with which skill is next. And I had heard that it stays static, but gets quite a few skills to weave in.

I did a glamour quest. I think it gave me some materials, but not sure what. Haven’t really looked at too much outside of the MSQ and class quests yet.

What you really want is to be able to unlock the glamour dresser in the inn -- I can't recall exactly when that happens, but by level 30, you can probably get that to happen? (And yeah, you can buy prisms from your GC if you've reached sergeant, but really, it's WAY more economical to buy them for gil on the market board if you're not on the free trial.)

Once you have that, you'd be surprised how much gear there is that's easily accessed with a level 1 requirement -- ie, that's designed to be used for glamour purposes only. There's a lot you can find on the market board (assuming you're not on a trial account, apparently?), but one source I didn't really dig into until much later than I should have was the gear you can easily buy if you do the PvP roulette for a few days.

I know PvP can be intimidating, but the mode you'll play in the roulette is VERY low stress, and you don't have to do well at all -- you'll get the currency you need to buy PvP glamour items whether you win or lose.

Once you've got a few "wolfs marks" you can then head to the PvP shop over off Lower La Nosca and get access to a TON of cool gear. The offerings from ARR and Heavensward are locked to level 50 or higher, but the Stormblood and Shadowbringers sets are all level 1 glamour items.

For example, the chest and arm pieces in this ninja based cosplay of Terra from FF6:

Everything but the helmet in this tank set:

And the tattooed caster arm pieces in my new red mage scion look:

Yeah, that’s really cool! I’ll have to see what there is soon. There’s just so much to do I’ve barely done anything other than story quests.

Spoilery special moment from the end of 3.5:



Also, I just reached 60 on my Dark Knight, and I can finally equip one of my favorite glams yet:


Although my previous sword look was pretty good too.


EDIT: Also, my current samurai look while rolling with my homies into new lands. Very mildly spoilery for the opening of Stormblood.



Nice DRK look! I bust out something similar from time to time:

Also liking the dramatic panorama approach, zero, strong eye.

So for the sake of professional development, I've been learning Adobe inDesign, and my learning project has been an archive/lookbook of my glams, the better to track them. It is, currently, 104 pages in length, and while some of those are taken up by section name pages and a table of contents, but...yeah, not that many...

Anyway! Here's a look I basically stole from an FC mate:

I don't feel too bad about it, the droog-ish sportiness fits me better than she. I wish tanks had more shorts, though.

And here is something with parts from the new Hraesvelgar set:


Our FC leader had a birthday recently, and amid the dancing we were discussing the differences between M Bees Knees and F Bees Knees. To me, the F version is The Hot Girl Dance. The M version is the I'm Going to Try to Siddle Up To the Hot Girl Dance. Yes, this joke/observation slayed.

Lastly, something for last weekend's last day of summer. The Shisui tops are, quite rightly I feel, coveted, and very distinctive. Lots of people, when assembling some beach wear, just grab the bikinis and call it good, but I do like a challenge, and I think the Shisuis are one. In particular, the tank top can create a pretty top heavy look with the sleeves and shoulder...thingies, and the tank bottoms are this silly armor belt thing I don't like at all. So I'd kinda resigned myself to casters as my beachwear class. And then...Inspiration.


Now, is this "I might go swimming later" beachwear? No, it is not. But is it "I'm going to have coffee and a nice croissant on my veranda overlooking the beach and then maybe walk the dog later" beachwear? Hell yes, and I quite like it.

Yeah, I REALLY like the High Allagan heavy armored looks. I also bought the dragoon set, but I haven't started wearing it yet because I'm still using some pieces of the pieces of the truly spectacular Slipstream set in this 3.3 spoiler shot, and I don't want to glamour over my dye:



They also mix and match really well with some of the sets from the Alexander raids -- the gloves and boots I'm using above are from the undyed Midan set, and once I eventually get towards 80 I'm going to be sorely tempted to try to get some of the Alexandrian savage set, because damn, is that cool stuff (for nearly every class, actually).

Also liking the dramatic panorama approach, zero, strong eye.

Thanks! At the risk of going off on an evangelical tangent, once you go ultrawide it's hard to go back to standard aspect ratios.

I'm also really looking forward to getting to the Shisui dungeon (I just started 4.0 content a few days ago), because I have high hopes those tops might finally be the match I'm looking for to go with those awesome Stormblood PvP caster legs. I do have the Faire Joi from a few years ago (dyed here to match a different outfit -- it works better when matched), but it does feel like sleeves or something around the shoulder would make it work better.


This is the only other thing I've got so far that works to any extent with the pants (I really don't like the top from its actual set), but it's really missing the appropriate flair.


If not the Shisui though, then maybe Bonewicca, or perhaps I might have to try to hunt down the Yafaemi casting top. (Really annoyed that the the 450 crafted caster gear is a reskin of Diabolic instead of Yafaemi, as is the case for some other classes.)

EDIT: And while I'm standing here reglaming my red mage gear, here's my obligatory Plague Doctor look:


And my Yafaemi aiming/Alexandrian boots/Aoidos arms look for bard -- with one of my squadron members wearing my other favorite bard coat (from the Stormblood PvP set) in the background.


Welp, there goes all my loot luck forever. Got it on my first attempt, in a party with two other casters (none of whom passed on the roll).


I still really wish there was a dyeable version though.

I don't know why I did this, but I did.


I need to figure out how to get up to some of those spots soon.

Congrats on the Yafaemi top, it's one of my favorites. I recently had some thankfully good lotting luck, but abominable drop luck. This past week, I had to run Puppet's Bunker 11 times this past week to get the weekly drop I wanted, the caster top. It absolutely refused to drop. I started to doubt casters actually had a full set. I nearly caved when a caster hat (the only other piece I didn't have) dropped on Saturday, the first time I'd seen that, too. When I finally got it on Sunday (Sunday!), I instantly added it to all of my casters out of relief:

I also have been playing with more costumes. I think this is a solid effort at Spider-Gwen, even if it hasn't been instantly recognized:

I have a lot of conflicting feelings about the new Harley Quinn cartoon, but the element I have no ambivalence about is Poison Ivy, a wonderful version of the character. Also I wanted to play with some green. Despite my earnest efforts, I don't think I hit the mark very well (and yes, I could change hair, but meh):

Oh, that Spider Gwen is very good. Also, the hood would be a key piece for an Assassin's Creed outfit.

As for Kugane Tower, it's easy enough to manage the first few bits, but about two thirds of the way through there were a few tricky bits that I just couldn't find the right jumping approach for. Ultimately, I found this video which proved very helpful. You have to turn on the subtitles to get the explanatory text that describe how each jump is done, though:

The final jump down to the lamp post isn't part of that video, but it isn't too bad to line up when you know the right row of shingles to sprint down. That said, I don't think I would have tried again any time soon had I not been lucky enough to land it on the first try -- the climb is a brutal test of endurance, precision, and patience even when you know exactly what to do.

I was lucky enough to land on the lamp post my first try as well, but I had found a video guide that showed precisely where to make the jump off. For the initial climb, I remember having to enable sprint for some of those tiny precision jumps near the end. I think it took me a few hours spread across two days to make it to the top.

Yeah, there's actually only one that requires sprint, but the distance is weirdly tricky so if you aren't in exactly the right position you'll either under or overshoot -- that's the point where I went looking for help, and I'm not sure I would have figured it out any time soon without that video to point it out.

I had a weird Shadowbringers thought last night while working through Il Mheg


Are Midgardsormr and Feo Ul both just chilling out together in my head? Are they sharing it like an apartment? Is this an odd couple situation? Or are they just buds?

Uh, holy crap! Have you all seen some of the ARR dungeon gear they added in 5.3?

It's just recoloring of ARR style sets, so I didn't pay it much mind, but I've found myself in Aurum Vale a time or two, so I snagged some. I think the light armor top looks pretty great:

But the heavy armor top is incredible. The colors are just wonderful! I love it:

I find myself in the weird position of being tempted to go to AV willingly!

Yeah, I did did get a few pieces of that emerald heavy armor over the last few weeks, and I definitely saved them. I just thought it was an uncommonly good looking ARR piece though.

So tonight was my NIN night (I rotate which 80 job does Raids to keep myself fresh-ish) and finally someone said "Looks like Spidergirl is in the house," which I will totally take.

I'm a little embarrassed it took me so long to realize the Halloween applications of the Deepshadow Halfmask of Striking...but no one cared who I was...until I put on the mask!


It's...I don't know how to type a Bane voice, but it's a Bane Halloween costume. I think the colors need some work, I don't use brown all that often, but the best part is that, of course the mask isn't quite right--it's a Halloween costume, they never are!

That costume is fantastic!

SpaceProtean, your costumes are so gorgeous!

I started a new character shortly after Absurd started playing. I'm a level 69 (nice!) bard now, with my gatherer classes in the lower 50s. I haven't moved on to Heavensward, as I'm waiting for Absurd, so I'm leveling up some other classes in the meantime. The FC Absurd and I joined is going through some upheaval; the leader got burned out and left for a Euro server (makes more sense, as she's Belgian), but the officer she left in charge isn't very active, and neither are the others still remaining. Is the GWJ FC still in existence? I like the folks I've met in my current FC, but I'm looking for people who are around a bit more, and can maybe help my noob ass out with dungeons, etc.

sometimesdee wrote:

SpaceProtean, your costumes are so gorgeous!


I think the forum FC isn't very active. What server are you both on?

It seems to be quiet in game, at least when I'm on. We seem to be a bit chattier in the MMO channel on discord, but I know that's not the same as having an active guild

Yeah, there were a bunch of folks playing right around the Shadowbringers launch (most active people I've seen all at once), but it's tapered down to ~ 5ish people signing on regularly. I'm usually on at least every other day for a bit - and as Dryden says, #mmo on Discord most of us lurk on. (Though not everyone playing FFXIV in GWJ discord are on Midgardsormr / the guild).

Edit: Likewise I usually turn on the XP bonus company action nightly(ish) so at least there's some benefit.

Apparently, I've been promoted to officer in my FC, so there's that, if anyone's on Malboro.

My FC is having a Halloween party, and as you all might expect, I've gone Extra and have 6 costumes, most of which you have seen. I'm prepared to bust out "Sexy Pirate" as a joke opener, then Aeris, then Spider-Gwen, then Raylan Givens (which I don't think most of my FC will get, and also I haven't shared), then Bane, culminating in a true bolt of inspiration that struck me earlier this week:

I'm not going to lie, I cackled and squealed when this came together.

My five year old has been watching me play XIV a bit and had gotten really invested in 'Daddy's computer friends'. This morning I find her drawing them and I'm pretty impressed with her Alisaie


The scribbles at the top are writing out the last part of the story we saw