FFXIV: catch all

Love your glams, SPP.

Thanks! An FC friend teases that I have a problem, but glam really is the true endgame.

SpacePProtean wrote:

Thanks! An FC friend teases that I have a problem, but glam really is the true endgame.


So how has everyone's post-patch time been going? Mine has already been quite great.

So here's the Copied Factory fending body:

I... hate it? Parts of it, at least. Love the skirt part, okay with the bodice and...I guess that's supposed to be a corset, maybe? But I can't stand the shoulders and the bow. It makes me look like Sweet Dee trying out for the Eagles, and also a 5 year old going to church in the 80s at the same time.

Of course, given the weekly gear cap on the Puppets' Bunker, it would surely take weeks to get the equivalent piece, right? Right? Right? RIGHT?:

Boom! On my second run! Very Matrix, yes, but I just find the silhouette so much better.

I loved the way the Shadowbringers story wrapped up. The final boss was fantastic, and, in retrospect, the obvious way to end given the themes and concepts brought up over the whole expansion. Masayoshi Soken continues to knock it out of the park with the music. The new piano arrangement of Eternal Wind is lovely.


(Spoilers above if you haven't completed Shadowbringers 5.0 already)

The final cutscene of the Scions all together was incredibly impressive for this game. It honestly felt like a tech demo. The animations were way more detailed and unique than we're used to. Even a piece of bread managed to impress me. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come in the next expansion.

I've got one clear of The Puppets' Bunker. It goes all in on the really messed up horror aspects of Nier, and I loved it. The mechanics are challenging, and it'll definitely take a few runs before I get them down.

I'll be working on getting my crafters to 80, then I'm not sure what I'll prioritize next. I've a Warrior to level 40, so I should probably finish getting that to 80 at some point. Otherwise we'll see what the 5.3x patches have in the coming weeks and pick and choose what looks interesting to me.

I'm still in the middle of Stormblood, so most of the new fun is still far in my future. I've really loved being able to take flight in the old world though, especially because i didn't even realize i was doing it at first. Also, the festival gave me a great piece for a new Dancer outfit


I need to play around with clothing and hair dyes to find a nice match

I also finished the 5.3 MSQ. Pretty delightful and adorable, and I cackled with glee at the form of my destructor. And I also got a lucky drop in the Heroes' Gauntlet:

I was thinking of downloading this for the newly expanded free trial. And I’d been looking at a lot of Final Fantasy games lately.

Is there a certain server or something that other GWJers play on? Or does it matter?

Would also be my first attempt at an MMO, other than dabbling in Lord of the Rings very briefly a long time ago.

There is a GWJ Free Company on Midgardsormr, though it's not the most active. Right now there are more folks online with the latest patch, but it gets pretty quiet especially at the end of a patch cycle.

I recently completed my first dungeon run in FF14, the level 15 MSQ dungeon. I have been avoiding most online play with randoms where I need to be reliable ever since kids came in the picture, because one never knows when a kid thing will require attention and I hate being the person to abandon a party part way through a dungeon.

But I had no one else to head in with, the quest is pretty much required, and there were other adults around, so I figured I would hop in as my conjurer (I like healing!).

I had expected a party chat tab to become available, and was surprised when it didn't. Things got rolling fast so I didn't have time to try to figure out how to chat to the party to let them know it was a newbie's first dungeon run. But, of course, healing is pretty much just run button, so it was going smoothly enough. I had forgotten to put spring on my dungeon run tab, so I kept falling behind until someone started tossing out peleton's. I wanted to contribute damage, but found I had to heal the tank just enough during the early part of a fight that I couldn't, and at the end of a fight it wasn't useful for me to do so.

There is a cut screen just before the final fight. I had not yet realized one could skip cutscenes, and would have wanted to watch it anyway. So I did ... only to realize that the door to the next section had 'closed' (even though I could see through it). Walking through got me a pop-up asking if I wanted to move to the area, which then took awhile to load in. For some reason, despite appearing to be in obvious line of site, the game decided I was not at first. By the time I moved enough to appease the game and finally started a heal on the tank, the tank dropped dead. One of the DPS folks soon followed. I nearly went down myself, dropping down to 10 HP at one point, but somehow managed to keep myself and the remaining DPS alive while getting a rez off on the tank. I'm not sure what getting rezzed looks like, but for whatever reason it seemed to take an eternity for the tank to actually return to us. Eventually we got the fight under control enough that I could rez the still-down DPS'er, and we wrapped things up.

The tank apologized, with a smiley face, then left before I could respond. One of the DPS folks popped in with a 'nice recovery!', and then I finally figured out that `/party` would work just in time to be the only person left.

That was a lot more exciting than I think it was meant to be.

Haha I’m glad you stuck with it! People are generally pretty understanding if you let them know you’re new in party chat when a dungeon starts. At that low a level, it’s tough to contribute much dps when you don’t have many of your abilities to keep everyone’s health topped off in the meantime. Later on, healing during big pulls is actually more stressful than the boss fights, which surprised me.

I'm almost to that point too. Jumped into the new trial this week, and just hit 16 as an Arcanist (planning to go summoner). Currently doing the Hall of the Novice quests, but I think the first dungeon is right around the corner.

If you're feeling cautious about jumping into group content, I'd do some Guildhests first. They're essentially training bosses without the dungeon. Doing those when I first switched to tanking definitely helped me get the feel for it.

I always type a "1st timer" into chat in a dungeon I've never been into before just so the rest of the players are aware. Something ff14 does pretty well is even though boss fights can differ you can recognize a lot of attack mechanics visually. When I first started I never had any problems with mechanics as a dps until it started getting weird like in the crystal raid stuff.

I apparently haven’t played in a while. I logged in the other day, and it popped up something about being a returning player. Well, okay (I have a six month sub, so it never lapsed). I’m waiting for an eGPU case to arrive tomorrow for my MBP, but I’m excited to get into the new content. I also need to finish up the holiday event before it’s gone (or effectively not possible to finish…).

For those who have played a lot, how did you pick a first job? I’m on the free trial and still not certain what job to take through the story.

I started as Arcanist, which is ok. At level 20. Was planning to go summoner but not really sure.

It seems like all of them are pretty basic until higher levels? I think I’m not even sure what type of job I’m looking for, or think I might be missing out on a more fun one.

I was kind of thinking of trying several classes up to 25-30 to see if that might help decide. But not sure if that would be helpful or not.

Other than summoner, I’m also interested in Black Mage, Dragoon, and am curious about the tanks, maybe Paladin (and later Dark Knight).

I picked Archer/Bard as my first. I liked the idea of attacking from range and it was the only ranged physical DPS available at the start. After a while, after 50 or 60, it started feeling too hectic for my tastes. It has a few songs and DoTs you have to keep up, but otherwise you’re responding to random procs and I had a hard time with it. I switched to Red Mage and have mained it ever since.

Most jobs don’t start feeling complete until 50 or 60. Some are more different at low levels than others. I believe doing Palace of the Dead lets you try out a job’s full kit, but it’s kind of dull. Tanking has faster dungeon queues so you can level without as much downtime as DPS, though you need to take more care to keep your gear up to date. That’s easier now that ARR dungeons drop a guaranteed item for you when finish it.

Other than the time it takes, and possible inventory bloat, there’s no downside to trying other jobs to see what you like. There’s a lot of game to play, so it’s worth finding something you want to stick with.

I decided to start a new character to replay the story so I know what is going on when I start Heavensward. I decided to go with Conjurer/White Mage just so I had an easy time getting any dungeon queues (plus I like healing). I assumed they would have decent dps as well, so I wouldn't be hurting in the solo phases of the story. Currently sitting at level 29 doing level 20 MSQ, so way ahead of the curve somehow...

vlox_km wrote:

For those who have played a lot, how did you pick a first job? I’m on the free trial and still not certain what job to take through the story.

I go by what looks fun to play. My very first character at launch was an archer, but I ended up creating a new one and spending most of my time in ARR playing warrior. Every time a new expansion is released, I usually try out some of the jobs that look fun. Currently, I switch between dancer, dark night, red mage, and dark knight.

That all makes a ton of sense. And matches what I'd generally seen when researching the classes: just play what's fun.

I guess I just don't want to waste too much time finding the (most) fun.

I'm not that into the Summoner right now. So I'll probably try out at least the early levels of Black Mage and Dragoon, and maybe one of the tanks. I definitely am interested in finding one of the ranged characters to like, and Dragoon looks the most interesting to me of the physical DPS. Or rather, Monk and Ninja seem a little more involved than I'd like.

And this is my first dabble in an MMO, so I'm both curious and a bit terrified of trying the tanks.

I first rolled out as lancer for a while, but I was finding the low levels really slow and dull. Then I hit a part of the MSQ where I first met Papalymo and Yda. Yda made monk look so damn cool and fun, I switched to that as soon as I could.

But then around the mid-late 60s I got really frustrated doing questing with monk because it requires so much positioning, which you can't really do solo, so I put up with it until 70 and picked up dancer and gunbreaker. That said, it was still the right move and Yda still makes monk look absolutely badass.

I got a Warrior to 50 recently and tanking is pretty straightforward these days. The trickiest thing is the early dungeons are a lot more maze-like and hard to navigate. After level 40 they start to get more linear, and nowadays it's just a straight walk through each dungeon. But people are generally pretty chill about things if you let them know you're new at the start.

Thanks for all the info.

I tried out a few levels of Black Mage last night. I already liked it’s big hitting spells more than Summoners dots.

vlox_km wrote:

That all makes a ton of sense. And matches what I'd generally seen when researching the classes: just play what's fun.

Yeah, HARD second this -- really as a rule for any game, but this one seems to do a very good job of keeping any one class from being a second class citizen and keeping the player from being trapped by a choice they regret.

Even though I'm still leveling myself (currently in between Heavensward and Stormblood), the unique class/job change mechanics make it much more forgiving if you suddenly change your mind about what you want to play, so I wouldn't sweat it too much. The beginning of the game is the point where you are the most locked in, and it just gets more open and encouraging of experimentation from there.

Most notably, as soon as you reach level 50, you'll have the ability to unlock two classes that will start at level 50 via short quests -- red mage, a magical DPS class, and samurai, a melee DPS class. Once you reach the opening city of Heavensward, you'll then also get to unlock dark knight, a tank, machinist, a ranged physical DPS class, and astrologian, a healer. They'll all start at level 30 (because technically they were added to the game earlier, even though you unlock them later), but at that point you'll have the ability to change to any role and either already be at the same level or quickly catch up, so regardless of what you initially level to 50 you can then easily choose to play in any other broad play category. (And the final tank and ranged DPS classes will open at level 60, and start there too.)

Additionally, it will be easier to level. To begin with, all but your highest level class will always receive double experience, and then there are also a number of other ways to increase exp earned at lower levels (especially if you haven't subscribed yet, since you can get a big boost from the refer-a-friend head armor).

So yeah, as long as you aren't trying to rush through the game for some reason (ie, you've got friends waiting for you to raid at endgame), just take your time and do whatever seems fun. Significantly more than any other MMO I've ever played this is a game that fully intends for the story and leveling experience to be fun and not just some glorified training ground for the endgame.

You might find people complaining about how much main story there is to get through between the end of the main ARR quest and the start of Heavensward, but for me that was the point where I really started to see just how interested the creators of this game are in making something that is enjoyable for a much wider set of players than most other MMOs. Sure, you can rush to max level to get into endgame raiding if that's your bag, but if you just want to play about four games worth of Final Fantasy, relax, take your time, and follow whatever grabs you.


A few other notes about choosing a class:

First, as you've already seen, it's a slow burn early on -- as others have said, most classes don't really start to feel complete until somewhere in the level 40 to 50 range. That said, though, as you also probably noticed once you unlock your job at 30 you can see all of the abilities you'll eventually unlock all the way up to level 80. This might be a bit hard to parse as you’re leveling your first character (especially if you’re relatively new to MMOs in general), but once you’ve grown a bit more familiar with how the game works it will be remarkable just how good a sense you can get about a job just from that information, so definitely make use of that resource as you go.

Second, about trying tanking: of all the MMOs I’ve played, this is the first one that’s given me the tools to feel comfortable to try to learn that play style. I’d definitely recommend getting more familiar with the game in general before dipping your toes in (waiting until I unlocked dark knight was just about right for me), but between the basic training you can find in the Adventurer’s Guild in any major city and the little five minute low pressure grouped instances called “guildhests,” the game has fantastic systems to get a novice player off to a good start right from the beginning.

Finally, there’s been a lot of talk about play style, but we really should talk about what really matters: style style. As everyone knows, the real endgame is the fashion game, and if you want to get a quick peak at what kind of looks you can expect to be rocking as any given class (or role), this website is a spectacular resource: https://xivstyle.com

It’s missing most of the newest Shadowbringers stuff, but it’s a fairly exhaustive compendium of everything in the game before that, so you can get a great sense of what you can expect to have available as you play through most of the game.


Lastly, a few of my personal preferential thoughts.


I almost always have a strong aesthetic leaning towards physical ranged archetypes for these kinds of games (I just dig a bow and arrow), and I think that this game’s archer/bard class is both really strong for that reason AND is a lot of fun to play. As beanman said above, as you level it becomes a very fast paced and reactive experience, and so if you prefer something that’s a bit more prescriptive you may eventually find yourself wanting a change — but as discussed above, there will be plenty of options for that if so! Also, I think it’s a wonderful class to learn the game with, because as with this style of class in many games, it’s mobile, agile, and able to fight from a safe distance, and the complexity of the the combat increases at a comfortable rate.


I will also second beanman’s recommendation of red mage. I haven’t leveled any of the other caster DPS classes to 30 so I don’t have enough information to make solid comparisons, but I really love red mage. Thematically it’s about balancing between white and black magic, but in terms of play style is about balancing between traditional caster style gameplay (ie, find somewhere safe to stand to get your cast time to complete) and the way physical DPS classes operate (being agile, mobile, and versatile). Also, you look really cool doing it.


It’s not quite my “main” class — I still play bard just as much or more, but recently it’s been in contexts that aren’t big exp sources — but it IS my highest level class, and I have been keeping it there so that my bard can get the exp boost from being lower level (both are in the mid 60s now thanks to all the various stuff to do between Heavensward and Stormblood).


I’ve also really enjoyed playing both dragoon and samurai despite usually not being into melee classes. As mentioned above, samurai is basically a “free” level 50 job, so there’s really no reason not to try it out when you get there, and dragoon I found myself compelled to level when I realized how thematically appropriate it would be to play as through Heavensward.


Both feel a bit more challenging to play for me than bard or red mage, but in different ways — samurai requires strict, efficient execution to build and manage resources (and a bit of caster style position management when using your power attacks), whereas dragoon is a frantic dance of weaving a wild number of instant attacks on cooldown in between long combos. Ultimately I’ll probably only choose one to focus on as my main melee class (probably dragoon), but for now both are waiting at 60 as options for playing through Stormblood.


As for tanking and healing, I’ve still only lightly dabbled in each, with a white mage and a dark knight both in the early 40s. Both have been very fun so far, but I don’t have enough experience in either scenario to have strong opinions beyond that.


Oh, and just this weekend I also finally got around to leveling rogue to the point of unlocking ninja. I still have no idea how I’ll like it, but various bits of story so far (and story I expect might happen in Stormblood) have me interested to go a bit farther at least for narrative reasons. Well, that and at the moment it’s the class where I have the best version of my Terra Branford cosplay.


Well, that was an epic post!

Not going to top zero, but some other thoughts:

I quickly realized the issue with the advice to play what's fun is that, in my opinion at least, they're all a lot of fun, but, yeah, you should play whatever you gravitate towards. When I started, I wanted to be a DRK, but since you can't start as one, I played SMN at first. By the time I got to Heavensward and could unlock DRK, I also wasn't jibing with SMN much, but when I returned later with a much stronger grasp on how to play, I like it a lot. So even if something doesn't grab you right away, come back later and you might be pleasantly surprised. Jobs are pretty basic until 50, and then they start expanding and changing, and SMN becomes much more compelling after 60.

I'd echo RDM being a great early job to try. It has a unique style that is also real easy to pick up, and is also versatile and flexible, and additionally it's mobile, which is very helpful if you're new to a fight--BLM and to a much lesser degree SMN require you to stay put for a bit, and poor timing on crazy AoE phases can be an issue. RDM gives you a strong chance to be the secret hero of the fight--if you want to cast 8 rezzes and only get 1 comm for your efforts, it's the job for you!

I main a tank, and...sort of submain another, I guess, I play GNB a lot. This is a bit of a surprise since I had the dreaded Tank Anxiety when I first started, but now I love it. There are a few things you should do if you start one. Apparently a big one is use your cooldowns, sprinkle them throughout pulls and fights, it sounds nuts, but I've had a surprising number of healers thank me for using them. Also, just set expectations, it's good form to say its your first time in any role, but if you're a tank (and probably a healer, too), it's probably a good idea to say it's only your second time, or you're still learning the dungeon or fight, or you haven't done it in a while and may forget things. Also feel free to ask if there's anything to know before starting a boss fight.

I really appreciate all the great write-ups. It's really making me look forward to diving back in more.

And yeah, part of the problem is almost all the jobs do look really run and interesting.

Let's do this.



Malkroth wrote:

I decided to start a new character to replay the story so I know what is going on when I start Heavensward. I decided to go with Conjurer/White Mage just so I had an easy time getting any dungeon queues (plus I like healing). I assumed they would have decent dps as well, so I wouldn't be hurting in the solo phases of the story. Currently sitting at level 29 doing level 20 MSQ, so way ahead of the curve somehow...

Many of the servers have an XP bonus while you are below 70 thing, and its a pretty big bonus. The FC I'm in usually has an XP bonus going, and I much on food, so I'm way over leveling things; I finally got my mount at 35.

absurddoctor wrote:
Malkroth wrote:

I decided to start a new character to replay the story so I know what is going on when I start Heavensward. I decided to go with Conjurer/White Mage just so I had an easy time getting any dungeon queues (plus I like healing). I assumed they would have decent dps as well, so I wouldn't be hurting in the solo phases of the story. Currently sitting at level 29 doing level 20 MSQ, so way ahead of the curve somehow...

Many of the servers have an XP bonus while you are below 70 thing, and it seems to be a pretty big bonus. The FC I'm in usually has an XP bonus going, and I frequently munch on food, so I'm way over leveling things; I finally got my mount at 35.