FFXIV: catch all

WizardM0de wrote:

Finished ARR last night...boy, talk about a slog through Castrum and Pratorium. WOAH. Between that and the insanity of folks re-running with those insane pulls, I'll need quite the incentive to ever do that again. Excited about finally moving on though.

The incentive is you get a TON of tomes for running the roulette, along with a lot of XP while leveling other jobs. But even then, I only do them occasionally.

I thought it was awesome the first time through for sure, but yeah, it having unskippable scenes even if everyone's done it does kind of make it a time consuming queue.

That said, I've done it a number of times over the past few weeks not just for the standard tomes, but because it's also the best source for the special event tomes right now.

Also, as beanman says, the EXP is bonkers. I think I was getting three quarters of a level or more every time?

So, I just looked up what tomes were and I get it now. Smart design tying endgame/event tokens to these early end-game missions to get new players through the content.

Just make sure you have a book or second screen handy. Prae also has my favorite line delivery in the game ("Can her strength truly be so great!?"). Also also, it just wouldn't be a current age Final Fantasy without a bad guy delivering a screed on Hobbesian political philosophy.

"Such devastation! This was not my intention."

"... Pathetic!"

Haha, oh, man. The end of ARR is certainly something.

I meanwhile am coming up on the end of Shadowbringers, and I just want to rush into the end...but also feel like I need to pump the breaks, because if this expansion is like any of the others, I imagine the final stretch is going to be a lot longer that I expect.

Still. Just 15 quests to go!

Which area are your quests mostly in?

Decided to try Red Mage as I continue questing through post-ARR, might not switch back. Between Warrior, Dragoon, and RDM it's by far been the most fun, intuitive, and controller-friendly to my brain. Easy combos, fun procs, decent doses of single-target and AOE. I've still got MCH circled to try, but this thing is pure enjoyment (and I don't even have my rez unlocked yet).

Red Mage is still my main. I really enjoy the flow and building up to the level 80 nuke. I wish the AOE spells felt as good as single target, but the couple times I’m able to unleash Enchanted Moulinet on groups of mobs is satisfying.