FFXIV: catch all

WizardM0de wrote:

Finished ARR last night...boy, talk about a slog through Castrum and Pratorium. WOAH. Between that and the insanity of folks re-running with those insane pulls, I'll need quite the incentive to ever do that again. Excited about finally moving on though.

The incentive is you get a TON of tomes for running the roulette, along with a lot of XP while leveling other jobs. But even then, I only do them occasionally.

I thought it was awesome the first time through for sure, but yeah, it having unskippable scenes even if everyone's done it does kind of make it a time consuming queue.

That said, I've done it a number of times over the past few weeks not just for the standard tomes, but because it's also the best source for the special event tomes right now.

Also, as beanman says, the EXP is bonkers. I think I was getting three quarters of a level or more every time?

So, I just looked up what tomes were and I get it now. Smart design tying endgame/event tokens to these early end-game missions to get new players through the content.

Just make sure you have a book or second screen handy. Prae also has my favorite line delivery in the game ("Can her strength truly be so great!?"). Also also, it just wouldn't be a current age Final Fantasy without a bad guy delivering a screed on Hobbesian political philosophy.

"Such devastation! This was not my intention."

"... Pathetic!"

Haha, oh, man. The end of ARR is certainly something.

I meanwhile am coming up on the end of Shadowbringers, and I just want to rush into the end...but also feel like I need to pump the breaks, because if this expansion is like any of the others, I imagine the final stretch is going to be a lot longer that I expect.

Still. Just 15 quests to go!

Which area are your quests mostly in?

Decided to try Red Mage as I continue questing through post-ARR, might not switch back. Between Warrior, Dragoon, and RDM it's by far been the most fun, intuitive, and controller-friendly to my brain. Easy combos, fun procs, decent doses of single-target and AOE. I've still got MCH circled to try, but this thing is pure enjoyment (and I don't even have my rez unlocked yet).

Red Mage is still my main. I really enjoy the flow and building up to the level 80 nuke. I wish the AOE spells felt as good as single target, but the couple times I’m able to unleash Enchanted Moulinet on groups of mobs is satisfying.

It was another FC wedding day!

I was actually just planning on wearing my Aeris garb again, but then last night I encountered an NPC in the Scholasticate quests wearing basically this (funnily enough only named "Lascivious Lass"), and decided it should be the look I went with.

Here I also have an updated look. Like I said before, I'm a little too reliant on Lakeland arms, since they're black and thus easy to match. They're also a bit thick and bulky, and playing around with a different top, I realized the arms on it actually looked quite good, so I set out to get some gloves that ended below the elbow, the Bonewicca. Didn't take long, and thus:

I think it's quite an improvement, much less top-heavy, nice and sleek befitting this fantasy knight superhero look. They also work well for one of my more whimsical outfits:

Pirates probably didn't wear fishnets often, but, whatever, I think this is great. Sometimes, however, the bulky armor look is called for, and thus:

I find PvP a hellish, confusing nightmare full of people who have too many stacks of No Chill, but I come back for the glam.

5.3 out August 11

Is that supposed to mean anything?
This is the patch with the main story revamp right?

Interesting lack of Zenos given what was revealed last patch. Our thirstiest FCmate is very worried about the Archon (also is big on Uriangier, they're into lying, manipulative gaslighters, I guess), and I think they're in for some disappointment. Pretty sure the first thing I'll do is fly from one end of ARR to another.

I wondered if we were in the magitekgundam, or if it was the not-2b, but I'm being told that's part of the relic improvements, so very neat.

fangblackbone wrote:

Is that supposed to mean anything?
This is the patch with the main story revamp right?

The patch trailers are usually a somewhat vague collection of clips showing off everything this patch cycle will have to offer. However a lot of the voiceover seems to be fairly ominous as regards a certain NPC from the main story. It could be a bait and switch though, we won't know until it arrives.

5.3 wraps up the Shadowbringers storyline, so I'm expecting something suitably epic and tragic. It also includes the revamp of the base game's 2.x quests, and adds flying to those zones once you've completed the main story there. You'll also be able to replay the 2.0 quests via New Game+. Right now you can only replay the expansions' main stories. I'm planning to replay the entire main quest from 2.0 to 5.3, assuming I don't burn out.

It'll also have the second Nier raid, continue the Weapon storyline, add a new large scale instance area that both lets you upgrade your relic weapon and also act as this expansion's version of the deep dungeons. A ton of other things too.

5.3 is the revamped quests? Time to reinstall!

Here's a recap/inventory:

How about a celebratory drop of glams? First, another piratey look. I think if I was ever tasked with concocting some RP backstory, it would begin and end with "I wanted to see the ocean.":

Here is a piece I think a lot of people are sleeping on, the Midan Coat of Fending. My mentor in tanking used it forever, I got one too, it looks great, but I don't see it all that often. You get it with parts from the Son phases of Alexander, and since people bail on that ASAP, it's very, very easy to get:

And now, the stuff I really wanted to show off. Like many people, I recently binged Avatar: The Last Airbender now that it's on Netflix again...even though I have the entire series on DVD. And as I did, I thought "Wouldn't an Azula outfit be cool?" But I couldn't think of much that would come close at all, so I put it out of mind as I proceeded on to the follow up series The Legend of Korra, which I also adore. Then, last week, one of the Fashion Challenge pieces was the Woad pants, which I happened to have. I put them on and thought "...wait a minute!"

Yeah, yeah, Korra should be MNK, but the MNK Woad pants don't work near as well, and besides, she's got a tank's heart. I think this rules, I love it, I wear it all the time now. For Korra's true love, though, there was only one job to pick:

Asami Sato is my favorite member of Team Avatar. CEO Amelia Earhart Batman? That is the coolest thing I've heard in my life!

Started a new character in order to focus on the story in the hopes of getting to the good stuff in the expansions. I was hoping the early questing revamp would be...significantly better, but it's nonstop junk questing. Guess there's simply less of the quests with better rewards. I really hope the quests get better after the tutorial section.

The revamp won’t be in until the patch drops on August 11

Oy vey. Well, that certainly explains it!

When 5.3 hits, my plan is to play through the new main story quests along with the second Nier raid, Weapon story, and unlock the new crafting Beast Tribe quests.

Once that’s done, I’ll start a New Game Plus from the beginning and play the whole story again. Looking forward to revisiting it and seeing all the things I’ve forgotten, along with the base game updates.

I picked up the game a couple of days ago. I've played a few mmos quite a while ago and the urge to try ff14. I'm enjoying it a lot and really like that I can easily switch jobs. Hope to meet up with yall at some point.

Which World are you on, Distant?

If that distant sound is a whistle, it may well be the hype train signaling it will reach 5.3 station in just a week. And to add to that head of steam, I have more glams. How does that make sense? Shut up.

These mark, in fact, milestones that happened on the same day. Firstly, I reached lvl 80 MNK:

This has actually been my outfit since I want to say 60 or so, but I really like it, very sporty. And I really like the Samsara relics, they are, in fact, why I decided to focus on MNK instead of something else.

I also reached 60 BLU, which was way more exciting. Here's where I stump for BLU: No, it isn't a "full" job and you can't do "real" "content" with it, but it's a lot of fun! I did a full CT run with all BLUs, and I don't think I've had that much fun...ever, to be honest, in those raids. Well worth checking out, learning parties aren't near as rare as I feared they would be. But while the BLU relic outfit is great, everyone wears it and I'm not very big on capes, so:

Of course, my main and real job is as a tank, and I'm also after the GNB achievement mount, so I spent some time in the Qitana Ravel last weekend:

I don't want to call this "tribal," I think that's in poor taste, so I'll think of something. A lot of the Ravel Keeper pieces are rightly valued, I recommend checking them out. And share your own, should the fancy strike.

Still loving your glams!

I may be unreasonably excited for where the main story goes, even though I have no specific hopes or expectations. I just want it to be epic.

I'm on Midgardsormr.

I've got to find a good spot to take some updated shots of my glams -- I've had some excellent upgrades lately.

Well, since we can now only play the waiting game and absorb more hype:

Some alternative caster outfits. I was also able to net the coveted Ravel Keeper casting top recently, a much less busy profile than my usual BLM garb. I threw on the tiny Ivalice pince-nez because...I dunno, I just did.:

Each trip to the Copied Factory is a nightmare for me. It seems like the one place in the game I get lag. It seems like attitudes toward the CF gear have turned thanks to its ubiquity, but I still try to do something with those pieces as each one, in a way, is a monument to my perseverance:

Some outfits need exist as pure utility. The second wedding I ever attended ended with a beach party. At the time, I had no beach appropriate attire, something I resolved to never allow to happen again. Now, I could have just gone with the coeurl bikini like so many other catgirls AFKing around Limsa, but where's the fun in that? So now at beaches, hot tubs, and onsens:

That's the very popular Shi Sui casting top with the RK gloves to hide the sleeves. Got plenty of less than wanted attention in this.

Lastly for this drop, possibly my new favorite top, the Voeburite Jacket of Fending:

It's such a great piece, I don't know how it missed my notice for so long.

Happy patch day everyone!

garion333, you may now continue your revamped 2.0 run.

I'm just counting down the minutes til I get off work so I can dive in.

I'm starting over when I get home from my trip.

I got up early to sneak into the Alliance Raid while as many people as possible were clueless and I could hide among them, also in the hope of getting a lucky drop. No such luck, so I'll need to go back and try again for my weekly gear, but I find it much more legible than CF.