FFXIV: catch all

Finally got around to clearing Hades Extreme. It took around 6-7 hours on a Sunday from Phase 1 to Phase 4. It looked really bad from the videos, but I thought it wasn't too difficult. The DPS checks and long duration were the worst parts.

In a 1 hour window, a group clearing phase 3/4 could only get like 3-4 attempts. The mechanics are all recycled from other extremes, so if you've cleared them, it's like a stroll down memory lane. Shinryu and Sophia took me a lot longer to clear sync'd than this one.

I haven't yet tried to clear an Extreme Trial yet when it's current, only done a few unsynced just to get them out of my quest log.

I've been leveling Machinist lately, and have it up to 51 so far. It's a hectic job but I like the big bursts and combos. Still feeling my way around the various abilities and when to use what, but hopefully it'll all make more sense as I get closer to 80.

The crafting/gathering changes, along with the Ishgard Restoration, has me trying to get back into that aspect of the game again. I took a miner from 1-35 in a single evening from both the base XP increases across the board, and a bunch of extra XP boosts on top of that. All my crafters are in the 20's or 30's. I still get bored with it sometimes, but it's a good excuse to watch more numbers go up as I level each one.

I've also managed to get 3 gear drops from the Nier raid, along with the 2B outfit. If I can get the minions and the other two gear pieces in the next couple weeks, I'll probably stop running it outside of roulettes. It's a fun raid, but it's a little stressful to me and I'm starting to get tired of it.

The credits are currently rolling on Shadowbringers. Doooooope, dopedopedope! This is top tier FF. Emet-Selch, all timer. Ardbert, loved the dynamic. Feo Ul, gentle chiding make me well up. Just incredible. Now to level Culnarian a little (while my FC thirsts for the Exarch, I feel Vaylen Troubador's destiny is to move to Portland with Y'shtola and open a bakery/bookstore), and then open all the stuff I've been ignoring. I still don't have a Raid. I also acquired a fancy stout for this occasion, and it's calling me.

I'm currently an 80 DRK 70 SAM 70 BLM 63 AST 61 RDM then various others. The issue with making each class cool is I want to do them all.

I resubbed 2 weeks ago and I feel even more in love with crafting/gathering with new changes. I'm sitting on a level 67 White Mage, 75 botanist, and 75 weaver...At this rate, my crafting/gathering will hit 80 before my actual battle class!


Yep, it happened!

Now I need to focus on actually getting to Shadowbringers. I'm finding the end of Stormblood a bit of a drag. I'm skipping through a lot of dialogue. I like the big bad villain, but all the political talk, rallying forces blahblahblah...It's wearing thin.

Had a bit of fun dressing up for Christmas today. Spent a little bit much on a fancy staff, but just look at the darn thing!



And I'm still loving the game. Shadowbringers is sublime, really something special. I've also made the switch from White Mage to Black Mage! A friend surprised me with a level boost, so it's been pretty refreshing exploring a whole different role after hundreds of hours as a healer. Both are incredibly enjoyable jobs!


Finally crafted enough damn Ishgard restoration collectibles for this beauty. It probably took about 20-30 hours of pure crafting since I started at level 40 and leveled to 80 with it. The grind at the end was massive and cost a *lot*, but...I now I can flex my crafter muscles wherever I go

I finally finished the 5.0 MSQ last night (more like this morning). Wow!


I don’t know whether I like more how they pulled your character into the story or how Emet-Selch was portrayed as a villain. In most Final Fantasy games, the villain is rarely someone sympathetic in the way he was.

Up until the very end, I was questioning whether we were actually in the right. The Ascians had lost their homeland, and we were occupiers preventing them from restoring it. It was once we learned why Hydaelyn was created that I decided that we were, since we were not occupiers so much as a sacrifice cultivated by the others (and even then for a ‘good’ reason).

I also liked the revelation that you were (sort of) one of them. It’s implied that you were Someone from that time, and theories suggest you were the one who left the Convocation over the summoning of Zodiark. I can’t remember an MMO that inserted you into its story like that.

Also, Emet-Selch said he had kids, so now I wonder if we will ever meet them. If we do, I hope they are not all villains. Emet-Selch was tempered, so he had no choice but to serve his master. They would not and would not.