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karmajay wrote:

My mi'qote is so cute! I know at one point in the MQ you get a fantasia for free so maybe you can change again?

Yeah that's the one I used to change myself into the mi'qote. They do seem like a really cool character and I tried playing as it today for a few hours and I just wasn't feeling it. I ended up buying the 60 day time card and remade my lalafell. It just feels like my character again, honestly I have a hard time even changing hair styles on him it's just perfect again.

I won't be changing my race again after this little experiment that's for sure lol.

I used my fantasia because I initially gave my elf... pardon, my Elezen heterochromia, but initially one eye was way too red and blended with her tattoo, so I used it to make it more violet like I intended and change her tat placement. Like y'allz, I'm pretty connected to my character, she's great.

But I wanted to check in again, because as I've made clear, I dig DRKs, I was a DRK main in XI despite/because of the adversity, but I'm way into this game's conception of them as folks whose raw fury at injustice and the plight of the underclass becomes a power to be wielded against the privileged and unthinkingly orthodox. Now I'm into Stormblood, and a character in my class quests dropped this conception:

"Undeterred by the laws of gods or man."

f*ck. Yes. That is Vaylen Troubadour, one of my new favorite FF characters.

(This is second to the moogles telling me my power, actually, was Love.)

Had my first crappy party trying to run titan Ex yesterday. 5 of us were still sprouts and we had 3 mentors. We wiped the first time and one of the mentors proceeded to lecture us on using party finder rather then duty finder that this fight shouldn't be taking us this long. I had already been with really patient group early in the day that despite us not being able to complete the task the mentors were amazing and I had the mechanics down by this point. So it was such a crazy juxtaposition having these mentors not explain how things worked to the new players. I tried my best to explain the knockback and where to stand to tank. By our third wipe though two of the three mentors called a vote to quit. When the vote didn't pass they told us again we shouldn't be using duty finder and quit. The third mentor then apologized but also quit.

Needless to say it was a pretty sh*tty experience but was so out of the norm from any party I had every played with. The 5 of us did quit and tried making a party finder for it but it seemed to be taking a long time to fill our group so I eventually gave up and ran the first part of the crystal tower in duty finder.

Anyone know if using party finder is actually proper etiquette for first runs on challenging content or were these guys just being asses?

That aside the titan Ex fight is really cool but very challenging, I like that once you get the pattern down you can basically get through most of it without taking much damage at all. Hoping I can find a group that can take us the distance this weekend at some point.

The crystal tower is chaos I couldn't tell you what I was doing during it. I was thankful there barely seemed to be an mechanics besides standing on a button at one point. The group I was with was awesome and friendly but it was little more then rushing to monsters and attacking. Pretty mindlesss, but I love that the music took priority over all the battle sounds it was fun. It's also the first time I had ever done anything with a group that large in an mmo I am sure it's going to get harder as I proceed into the actual tower.

I’ve seen where with the new extremes in ShB people will put in Party Finder if it’s a learning party or a clear party.

Regardless, there’s unfortunately no personality test for mentor status. You just have to clear/complete enough content. So you can be a mentor and also a jerk. I like that the game tries to have something like this and some mentors really are helpful but unfortunately you can’t take that as a given.

My understanding is that the majority of the time people expect sync’d Extreme trials to be done via Party Finder. Extreme trials are included in the daily mentor roulette, though, so those mentors were probably annoyed they had to do difficult content when they just wanted to get that done for the day. It doesn’t excuse their attitude, of course.

Party Finder lets you set the expectation right away for what you’re looking for. You can say it’s for first timers, specify there’s a first time clear bonus in the text description, and anyone joining will know what they’re in for. When you get to more current Extremes, you’ll see people specifying things like doing mount farms, or practicing specific phases.

beanman101283 wrote:

Extreme trials are included in the daily mentor roulette, though, so those mentors were probably annoyed they had to do difficult content when they just wanted to get that done for the day.

As a mentor that does the roulette, I would average 3 random Extreme Trials per week. The frustration isn't that the content is difficult. Actually I consider the Extremes certainly doable by a random pug and I think they are fun when the group knows the fight.

The problem is they Require Coordination and Planning. If someone doesn't know the fight, Extremes are not designed to carry people through while Sync'd. They are designed to be completed after several hours of attempts by a matched group.

Most of the time the players in there know nothing of the fight. For story mode fights that's totally cool. For Extreme fights they're just wasting everyone's time because there's a near zero chance the group will clear when 1 person can sometimes wipe the whole party (especially if it's the tank or healer). Everyone should have read a guide or watched a video before joining unless it is a 'release day' blind run. Rarely are Extremes explained because it's expected that everyone has looked it up (normal etiquette for top end EX and Savage).

Out of over a year of running Extreme trials through the mentor roulette, maybe 2 times have actually cleared the fight. That would average a 1.28% chance of beating it in the duty finder. Anytime I've tried explaining the fights I've been told to shut up, so I don't explain them.

Proper Extreme and Savage etiquette is this:
For old Trials, do Unsync'd through Party Finder (not duty finder) so you can watch the quest lines and easily beat the fight. You can try to make a sync group, but unlikely it will fill without a guild backing it.

For current Extremes:
You join a Party Finder Practice Group until you understand the fight (4-5 hours)
Then you join a Party Finder Clear Group (1-2 hours)
Then you join a Farm group

On average a brand new extreme takes me about 6 hours to clear the first time. That's 6 hours of straight dying and refreshing the group and the instance several times over, after watching a guide. That's what they're designed to be. It's a beautiful dance routine to memorize and when everyone does the dance it's glorious.

So Why are Old Extremes in the Duty Finder?
Because the ilevel is set high enough for the old trials that if everyone has watched a video guide of the fight and is max ilevel, they would stand a good chance at clearing it in one lockdown. With new Extremes everyone is below the max ilevel and closer to Minimum ilevel (almost under-geared to even beat it) so they require more skill when mechanics one-shot you and you need 2 limit breaks (LB3+LB2). They are in the High End tab, but you should party finder instead so you get a static group to try many times with.

I am not defending bad attitudes or dissuading anyone from doing the Extremes/Savage. Just providing the explanation of average expectations. If you feel like you're missing out on the old trials because you want a challenge, there's plenty of people constantly running the new Extreme Trials. Groups fill in minutes.

Makes sense I guess I'll have to look at doing it unsynced. Thanks for the explanation!

Kinda sucks the way the community thinks these things should be done. Dungeons and Primals are always presented as something you queue for via Duty finder. The more advanced and specialized way seems like it would be party finder so the fact that more experienced players would expect new players to go the more obfuscated route sucks.

Titan Ex does show up as a side quest that needs to be cleared unlike King Mog Ex that you just unlock with no follow up. Im assuming Titan willl lead into ifrit as well.

It also shows that the majority of new players must assume this is the way to do these as both groups I tried running it with 5 players were new well 3 were not. Guruda was also the same despite a rough start we managed to clear it first attempt and she seemed like the more challenging one to get everyone on the same page as.

Either way I tried queuing a few more times for Titan Ex on the weekend and was never able to get a party going. This quest is never leaving my journal at this rate lol

After Heavensward they stopped having extreme Trials be stuck in your quest log waiting for a clear. There may be a "quest" to unlock them, but once they're unlocked the quest is complete and you don't see it anymore.

Rave wrote:

Kinda sucks the way the community thinks these things should be done. Dungeons and Primals are always presented as something you queue for via Duty finder. The more advanced and specialized way seems like it would be party finder so the fact that more experienced players would expect new players to go the more obfuscated route sucks.

I agree, most mentors and veterans forget that.

After Heavensward they stopped having extreme Trials be stuck in your quest log

Yes, there are quest chains behind some Extremes through Heavensward to unlock more with a bit of story. After Heavensward you just speak with the wandering minstrel to unlock them. Extremes give rare mounts, crafting items, and either weapons/jewels along with a special mount for getting all the other extreme mounts from that expansion.

Around 72, and I'm full up on Tomestones(?) again, but I'm only in the 63 range in MSQ. Any spending suggestions?

Probably inefficient, but I bought more Idyllshire gear and threw them at my GC for more GC seals cordials

Heh, well then I'll do what I suspected I should and get the Idyll gear for other classes. Also thinking I should rotate to a different class for roulettes so I don't find myself wasting MSQ XP should I hit cap. Tied between GNB, SAM, DNC, or RDM.

SpacePPoliceman wrote:

Tied between GNB, SAM, DNC, or RDM.

All of the above.

GNB for shorter leveling ques, SAM for good DPS, DNC for fun but poor solo dps, RDM because good utility.

Just re subbed into ff14, is there a semi official guild for gwj? If there's a specific thread sorry just trying to find other folks

I think that came up before, and No, there isn't. A gaggle of people are on the same server which is not mine, but I'm afraid I don't remember which one it is.

There is a Gamers with Jobs Free Company on Midgardsormr, but it's not particularly active.

My sub runs out this weekend, and I'll be taking a break until 5.1 comes out in a month or so. While I've been playing off and on for the last couple years, the recent few months since the expansion dropped is the most intensely I've been into the game. It's definitely an all time favorite at this point. The new expansion is just fantastic, and delving into other aspects of the game like crafting, gathering, and healing has been fun and given me a greater appreciation for the game as a whole.

I'm looking forward to the Nier raid and seeing what the Ishgard Restoration has to offer.

Gui I play on Siren (haven't been so active the last 2 weeks) but I am in a guild called Mentor Status and it is a pretty active guild with a community very similar to GWJ. If you're interested let me know and we can meet in game if that's a server you want to play on.

Next Live Letter schedule for October 18th at 4am Pacific time.

The fifty-fifth installment of the Letter from the Producer LIVE is coming soon, and features the second half of a two-part special preview of what’s to come in Patch 5.1, including a sneak peek at YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse and Ishgard Restoration.

Any idea when 5.1 should be expected? I'd like to get more from this moogle shop thing, but I'm also pretty tired of 1k Maws.

Sometime later this month is the expectation I see everywhere, but nothing official announced yet.

Bah, I was afraid of that.

I just resubscribed for the first time since mid-2015. And bought the expansion, even though I'm nowhere near its content yet. When I left the last time, I was level 57 in one class, and towards the end of the Heavensward quests. Now I'm trying to relearn how to play.

Welcome back, lvl 55 hear maybe we can play together at some point. I just started HS though

Nice! Is cross-server play possible? I'm on Midgardsormr.

That's where a lot of people are, but there is also cross over between some servers.

October 29th is the release date for 5.1. That's when the Garo event for PvP ends, in case anyone's trying for those items. The new Ultimate fight and Ishgard restoration will be a couple weeks after that.

Just resubbed as well here. Played a lot before my daughter was born but haven't touched any of the expansions. Hope to see some of you online! Would love to join up with some people in voice chat and play.

I am enjoying the new Nier Automata content. I've ran it 12 times in the last week just for kicks. Range DPS really excel here with all the movement.

I've run it twice so far as Red Mage and enjoyed it. Maybe I'm a better player, or maybe it's a little easier, or maybe I'm just more a fan of the theme, but it doesn't seem quite as grueling as the Ivalice raids were. Haven't got any of the cosmetics yet, but hopefully won't take too long.

I liked how the quest afterwards has you exploring the raid area at your leisure. It was fun grabbing collectibles, and the choice you have to make actually had me agonizing a bit just because I'm afraid it'll actually have some consequence since Yoko Taro is involved.

I need to try the new changes to crafting and gathering. It sounds like leveling up is way quicker now.

Trying to level up so I can get to the Nier stuff. Level 60 now, and I think one of my favorite parts of the game is getting to ride my cloud underwater... somehow.