FFXIV: catch all

4.2 is real cool, y'all.

I can't wait to dig into more of the 4.2 content. Had a little time the other to hop in, exchange tomestones, cleanup my bags and saddlebag, etc. Not only am I looking forward to the 4.2 content, but I'm pretty stoked by all the quality of life improvements.

Most important 4.2 improvement: they fixed the heavy problem!

Now that we're (I think) a few expansions past previous gen console support, has there been any indication of increasing map segment sizes? That was my clearly biggest gripe when I played, the frankly tiny segment sizes made the world seem cramped.

Suvanto wrote:

Now that we're (I think) a few expansions past previous gen console support, has there been any indication of increasing map segment sizes? That was my clearly biggest gripe when I played, the frankly tiny segment sizes made the world seem cramped.

I don't know but a lot of the areas of the Stormblood expansion seem pretty sizeable while also including new underwater areas.

Flying was introduced in Heavensward, with a corresponding increase in map size. Though I've never considered even the original maps to be cramped.

On random 4.2 stuff... the glamour changes are really really nice. Particularly when accompanied by the increase in what can be put in your armoire. The 200 item limit is still pretty small, and being able to save only 10 glamour plates isn't great, but this seems like a solid first step towards fixing the inventory problem, and I really like being able to mess with different looks using the paperdoll.

Also on the inventory problem... Chocobo saddlebags! If crafting were able to draw from here (maybe it does? I haven't tried crafting yet since the patch), it would be perfect. Outside cooking, which seems to fill up an entire retainer all on its own, I have room for all my crafting stuff now.

The story content feels somewhat short, but I'm really enjoying all the new instances. Sigmascape has a heck of a lot of character compared to Deltascape. And the Jade Stoa trial has some cool and unusual mechanics. Getting into Savage/Extreme might be a bit of a grind for people who haven't been keeping up with dailies though. That stuff starts at ilevel 340, with Sigmascape Savage 2+ at 345.

What's the change to glamours?

If you go to your room at the inn there's now a Glamour Dresser. Clicking on it brings up a UI containing a categorized inventory list and this:


Basically, you can now use glamour prisms to put items into the glamour dresser. They vanish forever into glamour-space and can be used, together with stuff in the armoire, to create "glamour plates" in the UI above. Then, in town, you can swap between glamour plates via your character screen, which basically batch-applies a plate to your current gear (for free).

The old restrictions apply, so you still can't use, say, WHM-specific glamour items on a PLD, but gone are the days of setting up 50 clothing sets just for cosmetic purposes. Since this only works in town I've left out things I might want to swap to elsewhere, like swimsuits, but overall it's pretty nice. I was able to free up nearly an entire retainer's worth of random gear along with a huge pile of items in my equipment list. Though 200 total items in the dresser is a pretty small limit once you consider multiple jobs, particularly if you want jewelry in there too. I suspect they'll be increasing it later.

For what it's worth, you can exchange old glamour prisms for the new kind at cataclysm vendors.

So the new glamor system doesn't work once you go out into the field?

The glamours don't disappear from your items, but the "glamour plate" button in your character screen is greyed out so you can't swap between glamours while raiding, for example.

Gotcha. Ok, I'm liking that change!

Wow.. so, something compelled me to resub yesterday. You'd think it would have been the big expansion that came out last year, but... who knows. Anyway, it's been maybe a year since I played? Definitely before the changes like the cross-class skills and such.

I have a level 54 WHM. I read up some on the changes and spent a while trying to clean up the mess of my skills. I believe my gear is mostly what I've gotten through questing and such through the MSQ in Heavensward.

I tried to kill a couple random mobs my level and got killed. Something definitely felt off. I'm super rusty and there's got to be something I'm missing. I had Protect on... I suppose I should have hit myself with a Regen as well.

I don't know. Most of the guides I can find online relevant to 4.0 touch on healing or DPS in groups, nothing to spell out the obvious to someone like me that forgot which way is up with my job.

Part of me wants to start from scratch and learn a new job from the beginning, but I also want to move the MSQ forward.

Edit: As far as I can tell, soloing involves as little as keeping Aero up and spamming Stone. I think that’s what I was doing basically.

Edit 2: Just occurred to me that I totally forgot about having my chocobo...

Edit 3: Yuuuup. Using my chocobo sure makes a difference.

Yea toss on Aero 2, throw rocks, use Fluid Aura for the knockback when mobs get close. Combine Presence of Mind with Holy for groups of mobs. You'll get Aero 3 (aoe Aero) pretty soon. Use that first to pull, then Aero 2 will stack debuffs. Aero 3 is good on solo targets or groups.

Break and Cleric stance (role actions) are also useful for soloing. Break (slows target movement) + knockback.

Ironworks gear in Mor Dhona for ilevel 120 (level 50 gear) if you have any pieces less than that, then the 60 vendor you'll find in Idyllshire along the quest route. You can get a full set of 260 pretty cheap that'll last you pretty much to 70. There's also a vendor in Ishguard at the jeweled marketplace that sells 115 gear for your second ring slot.

Thanks! I’ll look at some of the gear suggestions you made.

It’s been going a LOT better. I’m embarrassed I totally forgot about my chocobo, but whatever.

I just forgot a ton over the last year but it’s starting to come back to me. WHM is the only high-level job I have. Other than it, I just have Arcanist and Thauma leveled up to the point of getting the cross-class skills because that was a thing that you had to do.

Now that I can kill things again I need to get comfortable with group content again. Looks like the MSQ will be sending me into The Aery soon.

The palace of the dead is a great place to learn group content again. It also gives a ton of xp (up to level 60). It's easy enough that people can solo it. There is no need for a specific tank or healer, so no real stress. People use it to try out different classes and 4 DPS can do it just fine. Matched groups go in with 4 which is more than enough to clear it quickly.


Mainly it's for leveling alts, but can get a returning person back into practice with confidence.

I actually just unlocked PotD yesterday but didn’t do much with it. I didn’t think of it as a way to feel comfortable with my WHM again but that’s a good idea.