FFXIV: catch all

If you'll all allow a curious FFXI ultra veteran a question that may have been asked before by he: how fare the Dark Knights?

I main support roles, so I've got max geared Warrior, Paladin, and DK... along with WHM, SCH, Ast.

Warrior is the best DPS and can take a beating with most health.
Paladin has the highest survivability with mitigation and self-heal.
Dark Knight is in the middle.

Basically here's how I run them.
If I want to do a raid, trial, single boss fight main tank... Paladin is king.
If I want to off-tank and pretend I am a DPS or big pull dungeons... Warrior (Pally is weak at AoE)

If I feel like something different that can do both of those jobs well (Aoe, Big Pulls, Mitigate reasonably) then I DK. So DK can hang just fine as a jack of trades, but master of none. Definitely more buttons to push than warrior or pally, which makes it fun to play.

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Taharka wrote:

At 2:04, the guy is clearly carrying a gunblade... Those aren't in the game right now, are they? Is that a mechanist thing?

Well, they are in the game just only used by bosses and NPCs so far. Also had the thought that that guy (Thancred) seems to be the one NPC that has changed classes. From a kind of gladiator to a thief/ninja and now maybe something new.

Edit: on second thought, I guess Alisaie picked up Red Mage along the way as well.

Took advantage of the free 4 days of login time to return to the game and refamiliarize myself with my character. Thought I was doing okay, but then made it to Stormblood's first dungeon. Got through it, but I was wayyy off my game. Playing as a Bard is really hectic. I'm debating exploring some of the other jobs to find something a little more chill. Any advice in that regard?

What role do you want to fill?
If you don't want hectic, healers are probably out. I do love Astrologian, though, that's my current class.
Samurai is probably the most chill class I've come across, their skill rotation is pretty well set in stone.
Red Mage I really want to love, but just don't. It's hard to feel like I'm doing anything useful as a red mage, since I can be out DPSed, out healed, out melee-ed, out cast... etc.
I remember Summoner was pretty nice, and great for soloing, as you had a tank or DPS with you at all times.

I assume healing or tanking will likewise be more stressful than I want, so that leaves DPS. I'll keep Samurai in mind when I return.

Samurai and Redmage are designed to be casual friendly. Both of their rotations are straight forward to meet DPS checks. They can be optimized to exceed expected DPS for the class, but they are easy to meet qualifications for a DPS.

For example... A casual ninja may do like 700 DPS. A great ninja would do 1,400 DPS (optimizing rotation and mudras). The dev team decided to make classes without such a gap in skill.

So a casual Samurai can be close to the DPS of a great Samurai. Same with Redmage because there aren't as many off global cooldown skills and a simpler rotation. A great one will still do more DPS, but it wouldn't be double.

White Mage is the easiest of the healers and Dark Knight isn't a bad casual tank. DK can tear things up with a lot of button mashing, but it has a rounded kit for casual survival. It is great for low level content. Giant pulls in the expert 70 dungeons take some skill managing MP with the AoE life drain, but leveling one with small pulls is fast and easy.

Tanking is easier than heals in general for casual. Any group can beat the content with a talented healer. A talented tank is easy to spot and pleasant to work with, but they can die too without heals. It's funny because more causal players pick healer when they would be more useful standing and spamming taunt rather than letting the group die because they have to do more than autofollow with EoS .

After looking into it a bit more, I think I'll try Red Mage and see how that goes. Currently I"m lvl69 in Bard, so I want to get to 70 and finish my last job quest there before switching over. I'm hoping a combination of main story and daily roulettes will get me there quickly.

I reactivated my sub and it feels good to be back. Did some questing and exploring in Kugane, and had fun learning my way around. I definitely prefer this aesthetic to Ishgard's.

I guess I need to keep pushing in the story, I'm still in Ishgard.

Bard is also a decent choice for casual play since they can keep their distance from the thick of it and can attack and move at the same time. Just keep your songs up and try to throw out a refresh when the healer's MP gets low and you will be golden in a party.

I've hit 57 so far as Red Mage. That Alliance Raid Roulette sure does give out a lot of XP. I've only got the Crystal Tower raids unlocked but that seems enough for me to handle right now. Roulettes, hunts, the weekly challenge log, and beast tribe quests have been enough to get me one or two levels a day. I've even managed to get a couple more mount speed increases for the 2.0 areas. It could be my imagination, or RNG luck, but it seems like those daily hunts requiring FATES pop up more than I remember.

Red Mage seems pretty fun, especially when you get to unleash your full combo. There are nuances to using abilities and spells properly, but overall it really is a more chilled out way to play than Bard. Will be curious to see how to compares past lvl 60, which is around where Bard started feeling like A Lot to me.

One question. I did a lot of inventory cleanup yesterday, putting some stuff on the market board, trading in duplicate triple triad cards, exchanging old glamour prisms for the new kind, etc. I still have a lot of low quality reagents in my inventory. Should I sell all that stuff if I'm not going to put any time into crafting? Should I just dump it into my retainer inventory? Something else?

I sell any crafting mats that aren't worth much on the market board. They would be real easy to farm or re-purchase if the need arises.

Redmage 60-70 stays pretty similar. They toss in the ability to jump in and swing the sword then jump back and nuke when you complete the jump combo. You get impact to use when it's up (procs) instead of Jolt and a rez. So no real rotational changes.

At 70 I go:
Contre Sixte
Then Fire or Back to Jolt/Impact then light or dark as needed

Pop Manafication when you get about 50/50 light and dark, dive in and combo. Jump out and nuke.

Most of the time Fleche and Contre will be on cooldown and just toss them in when they are up. Pro tip is to swiftcast out an Aero or Thunder and bypass the cast time of jolt.

Once you get the 70 rotation done a few times you can do it half-asleep and drunk. At least that's how I roll. Roulettes are best for leveling. Do hunts while waiting on them and when you are out of roulettes (or tired of waiting), you should do Heaven on High for 61-70. It's Palace of the Dead for big kids.


Thanks GoldenDog, that pretty much matches up with what I've been doing, though I only just got Manafication, so I haven't been able to play with it much yet.

I hit level 60 and did the latest job quest. It was incredibly difficult, and I failed it several times. Then I realized I was still wearing level 50 ironworks gear. I decided to speed things up, and spent the majority of my gold on buying level appropriate gear from the market board. It's a hodgepodge of stuff, but that job quest was pretty trivial after that, and it should keep me going in Stormblood for a while. I also had a painful level 59 dungeon roulette experience due to being undergeared. Lesson learned I guess.

Two levels to go, then I'll be back on track with the main quest.

I just finished the FFXIV cross event in FF XV and it was quite a bit of fun and I even got a new summon out of the deal. Of course when I tried to take on the optional extreme version of the fight it kicked my butt (was picking away at it but eventually ran out of time).