So, why'd you pick your little GWJ forum picture?

Boom. Done.

Bonus round:

I chose mine because I basically have no gaming friends and I don't really fit in around here.

Mine is the transgendered character from Dragon Age.

Currently, I have Cadence from Crypt of the Necrodancer. I love the game and I love her sassy attitude. I can't wait until the game is finished so she can show that evil Necrodancer what-for.

The character in mine was modeled after me.

My last name is pronounced "beekler" and well, nicknames happen.

fleabagmatt wrote:

My last name is pronounced "beekler" and well, mimi mimi.

Edit: Actually, I'm not sure what the deal with The Far Side is, but it's definitely copyrighted material, and Gary Larson or whoever doesn't want the material up on the internet. Here is a link to an image of the comic I got my buffalo avatar from. Not sure how long it'll stay up on imgur.

Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson

Leeds Rhinos badge - The rugby team I support, who have been rather good in the last decade, winning 6 championships, 3 world club challenges, one Challenge cup and 2 League Leaders Shields.

because Cleveland.

I was grumpy.

And I'm a ninja.

One day I was bored in my office and used this free South Park character creator to make a bunch of pics of me as a SP character. Jedi me was my favorite.

By the way, nel e nel, I gotta say: the New York toad is my new favorite puppet. He's hilarious!

Mine is a cartoon drawing of me yelling at my students. The full size one was taped to my office window in a vain attempt to warn them off before they knock.

Because I love rocket and was playing tons of Marvel Heroes at the time.

Plus its my steam icon, for less confusion.

I used to have an avatar of my dog who was named Roo.

Then I did this whole going to Greece thing. Happy happy, joy joy, and then we finally got preggers and...

My avatar is my daughter at age 2. Because she's awesome.

I suppose I could update it. At some point my son (born 2.5 years later) might not be happy if he realizes what an avatar is, but sometimes when you all change avatars it takes me a *long* time to catch up with that avatar being you, so I figure better for me not to change.

Still. This cutie:

Has become this cutie:

So...I could see updating.