So, why'd you pick your little GWJ forum picture?

rabbit wrote:


An evil pink one, as well.


I was bored with my old picture and somebody posted this crazy Russian Star Wars poster in the picture thread.

Because it looked like me. But I think it may actually be time for a change soon...

1) I really love Orson Welles' movies, and anything to do with OW himself really, but if my friends came on the forum and saw a picture of him they would know it was me. Joseph Cotten is really cool too, and in a bunch of movies that I like, and the colours are pretty =)
2) It's especially cool because there is smoking in it, as years of watching movies from the 1940s has taught me.

It's a zombie. Duh.

bnpederson wrote:

Because I liked We The Robots when it was updating and I like dancing. And because I wanted to see how long I could get away with it.

And just how long has it been?

Because I like The Transformers. I saw it one some fan site and liked how it combined the two symbols. I recently had a pic of the MST3K bots, because they're awesome. My tag ensures that if I ever change it again, it will always have robots in it.

I'm obsessed with Splinter Cell and Danjo is my nemesis.

Danjo Olivaw wrote:

He's got a little headset mic, like I do whenever I'm playing with you guys. He's looking at the post. His mask makes him largely anonymous. He shoots fools. All of these qualities make the Merc a paragon of online forum avatar-ness.

I'm no fool!

Mine was carefully selected to convey the essential dichotomy of the "man-child" mindset, and the limitations of artificially applying structure to the intrinsically chaotic. Or I'm a big Halo fanboy. One of those two.

[color=white]Sad ass "Halo fanboy"... I don't own any of them any more.[/color]

I've had the same one since I joined, that is, until today. Figured Snake Eyes is pretty darn cool, so why not, right? Yo joe!

(With apolgies to Lothar)

Because I didn't have an avatar for forevers and I really like the art and writing on Modern Drunkard.

I guess I could've "Google Image'd" Skeleton and Frames, but I thought this was good enough.

I like ghosts, and sometimes I feel like Zappa.

Its me.. in cartoon form.. with my turban on.. since I'm a guru.

I asked for suggestions in some thread or another. This was the best one.

Because I got a few requests to change mine, as it was disturbing. It was pretty innocuous, but I think once it got shrunk down to avatar size it was just fuzzy enough to become something of a Rorschach test....I for one see nothing that in any way recalls the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's the one on the top left:


I'm a transplanted spaceman from the past with no facial features.

Because I like Cowboy Bebop, negative stereotypes about message board posters with anime avatars be damned.

add it up....

LouZiffer wrote:
rabbit wrote:


An evil pink one, as well.

At least it's not the one that haunted my childhood dreams.


Not that the mouthless sister was any more soothing under Morpheus's ministrations.

I have a soft spot for propaganda.


MyBrainHz wrote:

Because an old guy giving double thumbs up is the perfect way to convey approval in any situation.

Always makes me think of Sam Walton for some reason.

As I've stated elsewhere, It's from an awesome moment in Hell Comes To Frogtown, a B-movie starring Rowdy Roddy Piper that everyone should sit through. A giant mutant frog, sporting an eyepatch, wielding a CHAINSAW!

Because the Proton Axe didn't have any in-game art.

Trainwreck wrote:

Because that Shaft is one baaad mother

Shut yo' mouth!

LouZiffer wrote:
rabbit wrote:


An evil pink one, as well.

Yeah, it seems like the kind of rabbit Kubrick would have used in The Shining in place of the bear costume scene...

I used a shot of George from the Broken Sword series for most of my time here. Why? Because I really love adventure games, and that's always been one of my favorites. I just changed it a few days ago when I got tagged, because, can connect the dots.

I don't know. I found it one day and my feminine side liked it , I suppose.

'Cause I like otters.

I think they should be domesticated.

Because I wanted to have the tag "half-inflated Dark Lord", but at tagging time I ultimately decided that was cheating, so I went with this more personal suggestion.

I was just browsing around looking at pics and this one seems to fit nicely. A "stupid haiku" and a dancing crane both convey to me a ridiculous elegance, like a well-trained clown.

I have no really good reason for picking the feral strawberry. Nasty fruit with pointy teeth just seemed kind of cool.