So, why'd you pick your little GWJ forum picture?

I think it looks like me.

Because it's my NXE Avatar? I didn't have an avatar on here for a long time, but once I finally uploaded one, it was also an old NXE avatar I made. But, I change them on occasion, which honestly hasn't happened in a while. I like top-hats, what can I say? That, and I wish I could grow a mustache that awesome in real life.

I enjoy creating custom avatars based on my hobbies. It changes when I'm inspired.

Because it makes Data laugh every damn time.

My nick...Dr. Mindcrime..was a hero avatar I used to run in City of Heroes. However, the name sounded sinister, so I went with a nice pic of Arvin Sloane from Alias, who is one of the greatest villains in television history, imho. Also...I love the pic...he simply exudes intelligent scheming evil. You can almost see the wheels turning. I've though about changing it before, but I haven't found one I like quite as much.

I almost always had a Strongbad pic because I really got a kick out of the email series back in the day, but I like the little ninja plush right now.

@ Rallick - It took me a long time to realize your pic was of a wolf. This is what I see whenever I look at your avatar:


I'm so glad I wasn't drinking right at that moment - it would have gone all over my keyboard.

Because hopefully people will see my avatar and know that I'm being sarcastic and not evil.

Because I liked We The Robots when it was updating and I like dancing. And because I wanted to see how long I could get away with it.

Because a picture of bologna just doesn't cut it.

KrazyTacoFO wrote:

Because a picture of bologna just doesn't cut it.

That's what she said!

Because I desperately crave joining the Evil League of Evil. And if you don't pay attention too closely, it looks like some odd Warhammer 40k Space Marine helmet.

Because that Shaft is one baaad mother

I usually pick a villain from whatever my favorite game is at the time I'm feeling like a change. I once had the pig cop form duke nukem and gman from half-life

I picked my avatar for steam before I used the friend list thing a long time ago, I eventually felt I needed one for GWJ and since I was getting into playing steam games with the crew, I decided to have the same avatar, so people might recognize who I am. I think mine is way too loud and sticks out, but I'm too lazy to find another.

My current pic was actually made for me. Duoae created the LOLZoidberg to succinctly summarize the sentiment I was expressing in a thread where I begged *Legion* for some of his contest winning luck.

It's my family crest dating back to the 1200's, and the Order of the Knights of St. John. Plus I just think it looks cool

He's got a little headset mic, like I do whenever I'm playing with you guys. He's looking at the post. His mask makes him largely anonymous. He shoots fools. All of these qualities make the Merc a paragon of online forum avatar-ness.

Elite is just one of those games that was awesome at that time.
Just good memories when I see it, that's all really

And hopefully available on the iPhone soon

Because large explosions are awesome, so I thought the picture would fit my personality.

Because Big Darryl is a smooth motherf*cker, and his bedroom eyes can seduce anyone into agreeing with me.

Mantids are awesome.

Because I've always used "Bear" as my screen name since my first online flight sim and I was once told I look like Fozzy bear.

Hm. I drew mine... Recently did up a higher res version for my steam pic for easier identification, too.

As for why... Hm.

Probably shouldn't go into this, but it's the "Downfall" icon.
In brief, there was a time when things that mattered were suffering because of my habits. I went on a rampage, swearing that until things got done, I wouldn't partake. I scrawled a skull with an arrow for one eye pointing downward on things with black china marker to remind myself about what kind of existence awaited me should I falter.

The symbol has changed a bit since then, but now I sort of direct it outward... A semi-self-deprecating warning to digital foes, I suppose.

from - which I like.

Back when the flash based Mii creator was hot, I screen capped and use it at a variety of forums. It is eerily accurate to me.

It was most worth it when someone on the 1up boards thought they called me out(after I mentioned I do not find the Wii fun at all) by saying "that's dumb for someone with a Mii avatar."

Just a picture of me, and more easily scaled to forum size. I have zero pitctures of myself handy, just not that sort of guy.

Because an old guy giving double thumbs up is the perfect way to convey approval in any situation.


I really do love midget porn. But I also like funny mugshots.