Rage Catch-All

I agree. It looks like it's coming along nicely. Can't wait.

Seven minutes of uncut gameplay with no narration. It is the same mission they keep showing though.

PC Gameplay.... on a gamepad....


Well, that just looks delightful

Looks nuts! I like it! Great trailer!

Here's hoping this turns out great!

Here is a right-up over at Polygon about Rage 2. Has some positives and some negatives.

This part sounds like fun:

Rage 2 promises a weapon wheel’s worth of guns that range from empowering to just silly. There are the requisite meaty pistols, a rail gun (but no sniper rifles; the developers want you to get up close with your victims), a hulking rocket launcher, and a hefty shotgun. There’s also the made-for-YouTube Grav-dart Launcher. That weapon fires bullets into a body or an object, and those bullets launch whatever they’re lodged into toward a target determined by the player. Using the Grav-dart Launcher, you can send enemies hurtling into the sky or throw an exploding barrel at a cluster of bad guys.

When I watched Willits play, he got more creative: He fired Grav-darts into a mutant, then erected a force field and placed the darts’ destination on the opposite side of that force field. His enemy became a bloody paste as their body attempted to travel through the impenetrable barrier.

No sniper rifles?!?!?! Well I'm out.

Kidding, likely gonna pre-order this.

Or you could just play Borderlands 2 and get an identical experience

My hope is that this is Borderlands without the loot garbage.

ClockworkHouse wrote:

My hope is that this is Borderlands without the loot garbage.

Oh gosh yes please.

Power usage seems much more a core part of the game than Borderlands. Maybe it was just the classes I played but in BL my powers were usually saved for the "oh sh1t" moments where I needed to get out of trouble.