Rage Catch-All

Perhaps, but in terms of keeping physical stock it's got to hurt (a really small amount) keeping two types of stock for essentially the same thing when you don't need to.

This game almost melted my CPU.

Still, I'd give the DLC a try if it weren't for the massive pile.

Just finished reading about this over at x360a, and for $5, I'm in too. It will definitely be one of the first games I play off the mega pile in 2013.

I bought the DLC and so far I am enjoying the added bits. Once completed I will give my full thoughts.

On a side note Steam told me the DLC was ready to play so I replayed the ending of the game and when I got to the end it did not let me continue. I looked and steam DLC download was only at 40% WTF steam. I ended up having to replay the disapointing ending 2 times before getting kicked back to rat tunnel.

So how does this DLC load? Do I need a completed game or can I just jump right into it? Does it carry over your gear or Metroid you?

I found a review of the DLC here.

Here' tidbit about loading up the DLC:

An interesting question to bring up when discussing single-player DLC is: "How do you access the new content you just bought?" Some games have the new content selectable from the main menu but with RAGE, things aren't quite that straightforward. This is one of those games where you need to load up one of your old campaign save files.

As far as I can tell, you can access The Scorchers from almost any point in the game as the door you need to access to kick off the DLC is located at the very first camp in the game. If you have a save that's near the end of the game, I recommend playing from there as the ending has been modified somewhat. The ending itself is still bloody horrible but afterwards, you now have the option to go back into the wasteland, which allows you do explore and do any side quests you missed.

I am raging at rage right now. Anyone else stuck at


the scorcher base where you pick up the crystal and you have to use the skull.



Never mind, I figured it out.

Well, I decided to take the plunge on the DLC. It sounds like it's about an evening's worth of entertainment, and that sounds pretty reasonable for $5.
I lost all of my saves after a drive crash, so I started a new game. I'd forgotten what a nice intro it had; I like the music they chose.

I also like the way the protagonist plays with/checks out each new weapon he finds.

Hmm.. does anyone know where you go to start the DLC? I wandered around the Hagar settlement but didn't see anyone that offered to talk about the scorchers. Is the DLC started in another location?
Ah, I think I found my answer:
To begin the new quests, you'll first need to complete the Ghost Hideout mission for the Hagar Settlement. After finishing the first Main Story Mission, you’ll be able to take on the optional DLC quest

First main story mission, here I come! Then the DLC.

And... I'm in! Sure enough, once you've finished at least the first main mission you'll be able to start the DLC from Hagar settlement. It looks good so far; some nice area design, and we actually have some WATER, yay! And a bit of fern-like growth, which is a nice change of pace from the dry dead wastes above. The player emits a rather girlish squeal of terror near the beginning, which was pretty amusing.

There's also some gratuitous, though not necessarily unwelcome opulent nether-orb shots quite early into the adventure.

Admit it. The squeal of terror was from you, wasn't it?

Rallick wrote:

Admit it. The squeal of terror was from you, wasn't it?

Well... I guess I can't rule it out. My tears were dried, though, as the sun-warmed cheeks of Sarah loomed and jiggled in front of me as I awoke from my fright.


This DLC took me about 3 and a half hours to finish. The story wasn't exactly riveting, but it did have a dead-eyed simplicity that was, at least, transparent. The bad guys stay bad, the good guys stay good. The hot stays hot, and the cool stays cool.

I enjoyed the presence of water in this DLC; we had a waterfall, an underground lake, and other pleasing splashies occurring here and there. Mushrooms and ferns, too!


The Scorchers are somewhat amusing; they'll often spout various lines from famous authors, such as Shakespeare or Shelley. They'll also profess love for their fellow Scorchers, talk about extracting body parts, and emit whimsical folk axioms and nursery rhymes if you sit out of sight and let them ramble. They'll also downgrade the player to an it; "It tossed a grenade!", spoken in the same sing-song tone as someone reprimanding a child for misbehavior.

The new nailgun weapon is actually pretty neat; you can (inexplicably fully automatic) fire nails at people with the primary fire. If that doesn't seem rude enough, you can propel a nasty looking length of rebar at someone, which can impale them and stick them to objects. If that's not rude enough, you can also use the railgun mode to really put the hurt on with a "it shoots through schools" cheaty-scope.

There's a couple amusing brief cutscenes with Sarah, the primary new NPC. She's rocking the Daisy Dukes and also appears in your trophy room at the end of the adventure. Err, yes. She's living there. Hmm.
Make sure and go back and talk with her after everything is done; she has a rolling list of phrases and some of them are amusing.

I actually sort of enjoyed the video poker (one of the new mini games.) I've never used a "real-life" video poker machine, so that was kind of fun.

I'd say it was perfectly priced at $4.99.

Just finished the main game and although I enjoyed it I can understand the faults. (especially that horrible ending cutscene)

I actually used the sniper and shotty the whole game. I should have tried out different weps but only discovered how awesome the pop-shotgun shells were in the last instance and hadn't bought the recipe for them! From reading this page, i also did not realize you could increase your defense and health permanently! Oh well, worth 10 bucks but not 60. That's why I only but single player games on steam sales.