Warehouse 13 - SciFi TV series

nel e nel wrote:
Nevin73 wrote:

Plus Claudia H.G. Wells is hot.

OK, having just watched the video game episode in season three, I have to amend this:

Warrior Myka is totally hawt.

The show is back and things are crazy.

Finished season 4!

So I keep wondering why we never see them working on developing Pete and Jinx's extra sensory powers. Why would warehouses bother seeking out individuals with these abilities and then never develop them further?

By the way season 4 is on Amazon but not Netflix.

Oh good lord, Pete's new haircut.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Oh good lord, Pete's new haircut.

Haha! I said the same thing.

I must be the only person who liked when they actually looked like professionals.

That hair was crazy.

We thought it was a wig.

The premiere was a two-parter so it was likely shot in one go last season. Then after the break, they started filming ep 2, giving Pete time to grow his hair.

Didn't he have hair issues last season too? I feel like him looking ridiculous isn't a new development.