DDO Kyber Static Group Roll Call

OK am I looking for 5 of you to join up and share in the fun once DDO goes free to play Aug 6th.

We will have to decide as a group what nights and times work best and what roll everyone wants to play in the party. Who's in?

If there is a enough insert we could run two concurrent groups and try to keep them as close as possible in level so we could merge them for raids.

Come on, its free. You know you want to.

Also please keep this thread for group planning and leave the debate on the pros and cons of DDO in that other thread

Interest so far (roles not set in stone just for info):
Arovin - Barbarian Tank
Elycion - Rogue
KillTrash - Healer
Petriefied - TWF DPS (Rogue/Ranger) or Combat Caster (Sorc/Pally)
Andon - Healer
RukiTanuki -

I'm a DDO newbie, but I'd definitely be interested in this if it was on a very casual basis (no more than 2 nights a week, and sessions under 4 hours.) Commitments in meatspace just don't allow me to have scheduled playtimes greater than that, even if my unscheduled play may have more flexibility.

I usually play rogue type characters, but can generally enjoy playing almost anything. I'm running around with a Favored Soul in the beta, not wanting to get too deep into planning out a build. I suspect that if I go looking around the web I can find optimized templates for builds once this goes live. There are enough departures from the pen and paper rules that I doubt I could plan very well by digging out my 3.5 rulebooks.

If the plan is to keep it casual on a couple nights per week, count me in. I'm a DDO newbie but I have experience with D&D in general. I always end up playing the healer, so I'd have no problem playing that role if necessary.

I would not plan for more than two nights a week. I would love if we each had characters we only played with the group to keep everyone on equal ground.

I have a few builds I am itching to try out so I can cover whatever roll is needed.

This is the best planner out there for DDO. It does not have all the mod 9 stuff yet be it is a good place to start.

I'd be interested, keep me posted!

I'll be in. With 2 char slots I'm playing one slot with a friend. But would love to join in with my other! I'm usually playing a cleric type myself. But trying something new is always fun too.

Updated potential list so far.

I will update after my vacation - would love to play as long as it was only one, maybe twice a week...

So it turns out my characters got moved to Khyber during a server merge.

I'm up for a similar schedule, once or twice a week. I'm willing to dedicate a character to playing with the group. I'm up for playing clerics, paladins, sorcerors, bards, or a rogue/wizard.

Alternatively, if there's already five set up, I don't mind being a substitute occasionally.

Ruki you would be the last to fill the group if everyone who posted so far plays. But I would love if we could get six more for a second group then we would be able to do raids with just the GWJ crowd.

Oh if we were interested in classes I was thinking either a rogue/ranger or if I decide to buy warforged a sorc/pally.

Updated list.

I was thinking a static group would be a great way to level my Arcane Archer, but It looks like we may need a tank so I have been playing with some tanking builds today. I have not decided on fighter or paladin if I do tank.

I remember playing DDO when it first released a few years ago. Does it seem like it's worth getting into again now? I'd be tempted to try it out with you guys, if it's free. I'd be willing to fill any role and you needed.

My regular group has a guild set up that some CP people are thinking about joining. If you'd like to all do it together, we're "Punch and Pie" on Khyber.

Oh, My characters on there are Oziel and Erastus.

I'll probably give it a go when the time comes, but the best I can do for grouping is every other week, unless you want to play at 6 am EST.

OK I have made a Elven Displacement Barbarian Tank on test that I absolutely love. I think that will be the character I will play with the group.

weswilson wrote:

My regular group has a guild set up that some CP people are thinking about joining. If you'd like to all do it together, we're "Punch and Pie" on Khyber.

Wes I have no problem with joining up with your group from CP as long as everyone else here is OK with it. Again, if we get our total number of active players up to 12 then there will be little we cannot do in the game. Also more players makes it easier to balance out the groups on nights when some people can't make it.

The only real issue I see is figuring what content to run without making anyone spend money on an adventure pack they don't want to. As a subscriber I find it hard to tell what quests are "premium" and what is free. I know there is a guest passes to bring people into adventures with you but I have not tried them yet so I have no idea how they work.

I'm game depending on my availability. Any idea on the days and times yet?

I'll lean towards bringing my Wizard with a level or two of Rogue; it has full trapfinding skills and excellent casting. My other available build is a TWF Paladin focused on DPS. Both builds have been reviewed and tweaked on the forums, so they're both solid. I haven't planned my other builds (likely a bard and/or sorceror) yet, though I am running around Khyber with a basic healbot cleric right now.

We should totally merge with CP.

I'm not sure how many people are playing from CP once it goes F2P, but it seems pretty elementary that a common guild couldn't hurt.

Again, my plan was to invite everyone to "Punch and Pie", the guild I made for the people I play with every week. You might remember Victor from Conan.. he went by Frolic.

Joining Punch and Pie is a sound plan will give us an extra way to communicate. And the name's not half bad either

We can start discussing play times. I am open to most weeknights, and am east coast so probably starting around 9 or 10 EST lets those on the west coast join in and still give the group a couple of hours to play.

The last official release date for DDO:EU was Aug 6th but that may or may not have been pushed back I will see if I can find out. Once it goes live I suggest everyone who has not completed the Korthos island tutorial do so with a character they do not plan to play with the group. Once you make it through the tutorial cave with a character you can choose to skip it with your other characters. So skip the tutorial with the character you plan to play with the group and we can run the quests together. If you don't skip the tutorial you end up stuck in a separate instance of the island. You will not miss any quests skipping the tutorial.

I am planning on continuing my current subscription so will have VIP access. One benefit of this is that all quests are open to me with the Hard difficultly unlocked. I will leave it up to the group if we want to skip normal and jump right into hard then elite or run all three difficulties. Some quests are more tedious then others and can be a chore to run 3 or more times. Others are a lot of fun and running them 3 times is enjoyable.

I am also going to try to come up with a schedule for what quests we will be running what nights. This won't be set in stone but more of a guideline. It will also help those that might miss a night here or there and need to catch up to the group.

What I would like is for everyone who is planning on playing to post if they are going to subscribe or will be using a free account. With that info I can try and figure out what it will take to get guess passes to certain quests we might want to run and know what quests we should be avoiding. Thanks in advance.

Free account. If this group takes off and my friend and I are able to get together every 2 weeks, I may look at subscription.

I think I'd be good just about any night cept Wednesday nights.

This goes live next Tuesday, how does Wednesday at 9pm eastern sound for our first meet up?

I haven't been able to log in for almost two weeks now. I've got the bug where it tells me I have the wrong version of the client installed, even though I have completely removed and reinstalled the software. Turbine's support has proved clueless on how to solve this issue. If they don't fix it, obviously I won't be logging in.

That time is pretty good for me.

I will be on Tuesday night from 9-11pm central time. If someone will be on so I can make them a Guild officer, that will help get the guild interactions up and going.

My character names are Erastus and Oziel.

weswilson wrote:

I will be on Tuesday night from 9-11pm central time. If someone will be on so I can make them a Guild officer, that will help get the guild interactions up and going.

My character names are Erastus and Oziel.

I will at least log on during that time frame with the Character I plan to play with the Group.

I'm planning to play this when it goes F2P next week. I can't commit to a schedule right now, though.

OK update on times. Just read that DDO:EU will go live Tuesday the 4th for all current players, the Free to play players will be able to play on Thursday the 6th. With that in mind we should hold off on starting the official static party till everyone can get on and play together.

What I suggest is to use next week to familiarize yourself with the game if you have not played yet and figure out how you want to roll your group character. Then we can start the official static party sometime the week of the 10th.

How does Monday the 10th or Thursday the 13th work for everyone?

I will still be playing most nights next week so anyone who wants to meet up is welcome to.