OOTP X Catch-All

Motorsport Manager is way easier to get into than FM, etc.

Ya think? I found all of that tire warming/undercut/overcut/managing fuel stuff pretty confusing and intimidating, myself.

OOTP 21 Beta launch tomorrow for pre-order folks. Friday, the 20th 'Official Launch'.

Y'know, honestly, I don't this game could possibly be coming out at a better time.

Like, the reason why isn't good, but THANK GOD it's coming out.

It looks really good. More stylization on what you want on screen. Heavy on minor and international prospects. And alittle thing maybe, but the knew 3-D animations of players on the field is pretty cool.

The new 3D cameras are a pretty big thing if you are into playing games out, they have come a long way from the pawns running around.

I swore I wasn't going to touch Perfect Team at all this time around, but that didn't last long. I spent $25 on packs. Most of what I ended up with was garbage, but I did get my first 100, a live Cody Bellinger. The smart move would be to sell it on the AH, its going for 60K points right now, which likely won't last. But ... with the delayed start, he'll be at 100 for awhile, and he should stay a top player when the season does finally start, so I've been foolishly talking myself out of selling.

On a different note, a facebook memory popped up where I discussed how I was getting started in OOTP 16. It was from March of 2015, and I wrote

super genius mets gm wrote:

After starting the season 13-17, I made my first trade, sending Gavin Cecchini, Cory Mazzoni, and Amed Rosario to Detroit for Cespedes. It looks like I need to increase the difficulty on the trade AI a bit.

Maybe the difficulty was just right after all.

Next league I create I'm pushing injuries down to low. Even with the Continue button injuries are just such a hassle for someone who sims a week a time.

Is it mostly day to day injuries that are annoying? I think there is an option to turn those notifications off which might help. You can then also set how the manager will respond (I.e. always sit or let the AI decided to sit).

Started a thread to see if we can get some folks jonesing for sports to maybe play in an online league or tourney is a sport you like.